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Former NHL Player Adam Johnson Dies After Tragic On-Ice Accident

Police investigating death of US ice hockey player Adam Johnson who died in ‘freak accident’

This is an extremely rare incident to occur in ice hockey, much less to result in a fatality. The “freak accident” happened that claimed the life of Adam Robert Johnson happened the same day a “freak accident” reportedly killed Friends actor Matthew Perry.

Adam Robert Johnson and Friends both = 75

The name of the player on the opposing team whose skate caused the deadly injury?

Matt Petgrave

Petgrave was born on the 29th of January, or 29/1:

"Matthew Langford Perry" = 291 (Reverse)

Petgrave was born in 1992, a span of 29 weeks, 1 days before Perry’s birthday:

Petgrave plays for the Sheffield Steelers. Ice skates are made of Steel. In the NFL, the Steelers play in Pittsburgh. Adam Johnson played 13 games as a Pittsburgh Penguin in 2019.

Pittsburgh = 130, Steelers = 103, Penguin = 103

Perry played Chandler Bing…the most famous person named Bing was Bing Crosby…superstar Sidney Crosby also plays for the Penguins.

Adam Johnson, Friends, Pearl Harbor, World War, and Bing Crosby all = 114

Perry died on the birthday of Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft, which has a search engine called Bing.

In my video on the death of Matthew Perry, I explained how there was a deep riddle connected to France and its liberation in World War Two.

"Matthew Perry" = 172 (Ordinal)

"World War Two" = 172 (Ordinal)

Adam Johnson was 10720 days old when he died:

The reclamation of France began with the Normandy Landings, commonly known as D-Day. This was a surprise attack that was launched from the shores of England – the same country Adam Johnson died in.

My video also explained a strong connection to Christmas. Adam Johnson was born in Minnesota.

Christmas and Minnesota both = 110, 133, and 38

Perry died in Los Angeles, where Friends was filmed. Adam Johnson was honored in a pregame ceremony in Pittsburgh last night in a game against one of the two hockey teams from Los Angeles – the Anaheim Ducks.

Eclipse Code

"Total solar eclipse" = 994 (Standard)

Adam Johnson was born in 1994 on the 22nd of June, or 22/6:

Adam Johnson, Pearl Harbor, and World War all = 226 Caps Mixed

Adam Johnson died a span of 2260 days after the first Great American Eclipse:

"Throat" = 226 (Fibonacci)

"Eclipse" = 192 (Latin)

His next birthday would have Multiplicative numerology of 192, and Adam Robert Johnson was born on the date leaving 192 days in the year:6 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 4 = 192

Adam Robert Johnson = 192 and 1231

1231 is the 202nd Prime number:

Total solar eclipse = 202 Ordinal, Ritual human sacrifice = 202 Latin Ordinal

The ultimate Eclipse number is 1331

"One thousand three hundred thirty one" = 1919 (Latin)

Adam was born 19190 days after Pearl Harbor:

"Adam" = 19 (Ordinal)

Strange, as I just mentioned a 1919 sync in my last post on Bill Walton and how The Waltons once used the same fountain Friends filmed its opening at.

Six six six (666)

The former Penguins player was born in Grand Rapids, in the state of Minnesota.

"Penguins" = 666 (Reverse Sumerian)

"Grand Rapids" = 666 (Sumerian)

Johnson’s accident occurred a span of 28,999 days after D-Day:

He has one goal during his short stint in the NHL, and it happened against on the road against his hometown team – the Minnesota Wild.

Johnson was exactly 313 Lunar phases old when he scored:

In the King James Bible, it’s written as Six hundred threescore and six.

"Six hundred threescore and six" = 313 (Ordinal)

Matthew Perry was 301 months, 3 days old when Friends debuted:

"Six six six" = 1197 (Latin)

That goal was scored during Brown Lunation # 1197:

Johnson scored his only NHL goal exactly 211 weeks before he died:

Six hundred sixty six and Ritual human sacrifice both = 211

211 is the 47th Prime number:

666 is the number of the Beast. The four Beasts are first described in Revelation 4:7. Johnson wore # 47 during his short time in the NHL, the same number he was wearing when he died:

"Beast" = 47 (Ordinal)

The game he scored in ended with a score of 4-7. The Minnesota native died in Sheffield while playing for the Panthers.

Minnesota, Sheffield, and Panthers all = 47

Adam from Grand Rapids died 238 days before his birthday:

Adam and Grand Rapids = 238, Six hundred sixty six = 2038

Johnson was a Hockey player from Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Johnson, Hockey, Grand Rapids Minnesota, and Six hundred sixty six all = 95

One hundred fifteen (115)

Johnson and Perry died a span of 6 years, 69 days after the 2017 Great American Eclipse:

Adam Johnson was born 600 months, 16 days (or exactly 669 Sidereal months) after D-Day:

While many people believe the number of the Beast is 666, many actually think it’s 616, thanks to texts from Papyrus 115.

Killing = 115 Reverse and 115 Latin

Matthew Perry had Primary birth numerology of 115, while Adam played for the Panthers:(8) + (19) + (19) + (69) = 115

Adam and Panthers both = 115

Perry was born exactly 115 Mercurial years after Pearl Harbor:

Petgrave turned 115 Mercurial years old one day before Johnson’s only goal in the NHL:

"France" = 115 (Reverse)

"Normandy France" = 1150 (Standard)


Perry and Nottingham both = 625

"Human sacrifice" = 625 (Standard)

My video on Matthew Perry started off with the number 33, which is heavily-connected to 666.


D-Day was a span of exactly 30 months after Pearl Harbor:

Friends premiered exactly 3 months after Adam Johnson was born, and he scored his goal exactly 300 months, 3 weeks later:

Johnson’s next birthday would have had Multiplicative numerology of 384:6 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 4 = 384

Adam Johnson died in the Utilita Arena while playing for the Nottingham Panthers in connection with World War Two.

Adam Johnson = 384, Utilita Arena = 384, Nottingham = 385 and Panthers = 384

"World War Two" = 3085 (Latin)

Matt Petgrave was a span of exactly 31 years, 9 months old for the Killing of the player from Grand Rapids, Minnesota:

Killing and Grand Rapids, Minnesota both = 319

See my second post on Perry to see how important the numbers 117 and 711 were.

Matthew Perry was born 1171 weeks, 1 day before Matt Petgrave:

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