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Matthew Perry’s Death Foreshadowed with “Eclipse” Code?

This is my third of five (5) posts on the death of Matthew Perry.

In this clip, Chandler ends an episode of Friends by saying “I guess I’ll be the one who dies first.”

Was this episode a clue about Chandler’s future death at the age of 54? It aired on a date with Primary numerology of 54:(11) + (21) + (20) + (02) = 54

Ritual sacrifice = 154 and 251

The 54th Prime number is 251

Skull and Bones

Matthew Perry was 32 years, 23 days old for 9/11:

Matthew Perry died a span of 2 months, 23 days after JonBenet’s 2023 birthday:

Perry died 322 months, 3 days (or 9803 days) after JonBenet Ramsey:

The name of Jesus is mentioned 983 times in the New Testament.

"Abrahamic religions" = 322 (Reverse)

Perry’s death fell 322 weeks after the first Great American Eclipse:

"Skull and Bones" = 202 (Reverse)

This was the 202nd episode of Friends, and aired in 2002.

Total solar eclipse = 202 Ordinal, Ritual human sacrifice = 202 Latin Ordinal

Matthew Perry was a span of 33 years, 3 months, 3 days old:

"Eclipse" = 33 (Reduction), Thirty-three and "Ritual human sacrifice" = 895 (Latin)

Thirty three = 156 and 141, both One hundred fifty six and One hundred forty one = 226 Ordinal

This was the 202nd episode of Friends, and aired in 2002.

"Sacrifice" = 226 (Standard)

Solar Eclipse Code

Chandler’s birthday in the series is April 8th:

So his birthday is April 8th, but there are misconceptions that is is on the 24th. That’s funny, because a Total solar eclipse will occur on April 8th of ’24:

Perry died 163 days before the Total eclipse that passes over New York:

Perry = 163 Caps Mixed and Fibonacci, Total eclipse and New York = 163 Caps Added

That Total eclipse falls on a date with Primary numerology of 56:

"Total eclipse" = 56 (Single Reduction)

The series finale of Friends aired on May 6th, or 5/6:

Chandler Bing would have turned 56 years (or 2922 weeks) old on the date of the 2024 Eclipse:

Matthew Perry died 9 months, 22 days before his birthday:

Friends debuted on September 22nd, or 9/22:

Lunar Eclipse Riddles

Friends: The Reunion aired The night after a Total Lunar Eclipse:

That was the highly-significant Total Lunar Eclipse of 5/26/2021 (click to enlarge):

Perry drowned a span of 504 days (or exactly 72 weeks) before the next total Lunar Eclipse:

Matthew Perry died on the same date as a Total lunar eclipse that belonged to Lunar Saros # 146. The 14th of June, or 14/6, is Flag Day in the United States.

It’s been exactly 1146 Lunar phases since the Star-Spangled Banner became the national anthem:

Never were more American flags flown than in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Ground Zero on 9/11 was in New York City. Although fimed in Los Angeles, Friends was set in New York City. The only one of the six Friends stars to have been born in New York City is David Schwimmer.

Matthew Perry was a span of exactly 146 weeks (or 1021 days) younger than David Schwimmer:

1021 is the 172nd Prime number

"Matthew Perry" = 172 (Ordinal)

Chandler ended up with Monica (Courtney Cox), while Ross ended up with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston).

Cox and Aniston were born 1702 days apart:

John Bennett Perry

Stars and Stripes = 202 and 203, Total solar eclipse = 202 and Total lunar eclipse = 203

The United States of America declared its independence on a date with Primary numerology of 104:(7) + (4) + (17) + (76) = 104

Matthew’s father John Bennett Perry was born on 1/04 of the year ’41:

"USA" = 41 (Ordinal)

His son Matthew has died in 2023

His full name has matching 223 gematria with The Star-Spangled Banner.

The Star Spangled Banner, John Bennett Perry, Courteney Bass Cox, and Coy Luther Perry III all = 223

Chandler’s wife is played by Courtney Bass Cox. Matthew Perry shares a last name with Luke Perry, another famous 90’s sitcom actor, who died back in 2019.

The United States was 1323 months old when the Statue was honored:

"John Perry" = 1323 (Latin)

Matthew, just like his father John Perry, was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

United States of America and Jennifer Joanna Aniston both = 102, 228, and 339

Matthew Langford Perry = 102 and Williamstown = 339

The United States of America was 90330 days (or 3306 Sidereal months) old:

United States of America and Peacock both = 132, Matthew Perry and Matthew Langford Perry = 1032

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