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Actor / Writer Johnny Hardwick from “King of the Hill” Dies @ 64

'King of the Hill' actor Johnny Hardwick dead at 64

Hardwick was an Emmy award-winning voice actor and writer who was best-known for being the voice of Dale Gribble on the long-running television series King of the Hill.

The creator of King of the Hill is Mike Judge.

"Judge" = 88 (Reverse)

King of the Hill debuted 88 days after Judge’s birthday:

Johnny reportedly died on Tuesday, August 8th, or 8/8.

King of the Hill premiered 8 months, 10 days before Johnny Hardwick’s birthday. News of his passing made headlines today, August 10th, written 8/10 or 10/8. This reflects his initials J.H., or 10-8 in gematria.

Judge was born on a date with Primary numerology of 108:(10) + (17) + (19) + (62) = 108

A baseball is made up of 108 double stitches:

Major League = 108, baseball = 108 and 18

Last season, Aaron Judge hit 62 home runs to become the all-time King for the regular season in the AL.

"King of the Hill" = 62 (Reverse Reduction)

"Sacrifice" = 62 (Reverse Reduction)

Hardwick died 6 weeks, 2 days before his birthday:

His death fell 62 days before Yale’s anniversary:

Yale turns 322 years old on a date with Primary numerology of 62:(10) + (9) + (20) + (23) = 62

Yale University is home to the Skull and Bones secret society. More on this powerful link in my second post on this story.

Aaron Judge / 2024 Eclipse

Last year in Baseball, the American League got a new home run “King” (think King of the Hill) when Aaron Judge, who shares a last name with Mike, broke the single-season record.

Johnny Hardwick was born 4 months, 26 days before Mike Judge:

Aaron Judge was born on April 26th, or 4/26:

Aaron Judge was born 4 months, 26 days before Hardwick’s birthday:

Aaron Judge was 11,426 days old when Hardwick died:

The number 426 has Pythagorean gematria of 104.

"Four hundred twenty six" = 104 (Reduction)

Aaron Judge broke the AL home run record on October 4th:

October 4th is written as 10/4

"John Michael Hardwick" = 104 (Reverse Reduction)

John Michael Hardwick died 10 months, 4 days after the record and 104 days after Aaron’s birthday:

"Total solar eclipse" = 104 (Reverse Reduction)

In April of next year, a Total solar eclipse passes over the state of Texas, where King of the Hill takes place:

His death fell 244 days before the second Great American Eclipse:

Kill = 19 and 244 in Hebrew, Nineteen = 224 Latin


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