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Joe Biden to Meet with King Charles III at Windsor Castle

Joe Biden to meet King Charles and Rishi Sunak in UK visit

"Queen Elizabeth" = 970 (Latin)

Joe Biden will be traveling to the UK on July 9th. That date is written as 9/7 in the United Kingdom and 7/9 in the United States. Charles is the new British monarch following the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth would be 79 days after her 97th birthday:

His meeting with the King is scheduled to take place the following day. The 10th of July is written as 10/7 in the UK and 7/10 in the US.

King Charles and Joseph Robinette Biden both = 107

"Royal" = 71 (Ordinal)

Their birthdays are separated by 71 months:

Biden Charles = 71 Reverse Reduction

Joe Biden shares 64 gematria with King Charles.

"Joe Biden" = 64 (Ordinal)

"King Charles" = 64 (Reverse Reduction)

"Royal" = 64 (Reverse)

Joe Biden will fly to the UK 64 days after King Charles’ coronation, and they will meet a span of 66 days after:

"King" = 66 (Latin) and "Charles" = 66 (Ordinal)

Charles hosts the meeting 39 weeks before next year’s total Eclipse:

Charles and Eclipse both = 39

The name Biden on its own sums to 34.

"Biden" = 34 (Ordinal)

He will travel to the UK 304 days after Queen Elizabeth II died:

The following day, he will meet with King Charles III, who will be exactly 34 weeks after his birthday and 134 days before his next:

"King Charles III" = 134 (Ordinal)

Without the end date, it’s 133 days, or exactly 19 weeks
President133 | King Charles190
King Charles III = 244  Nineteen244

The number Ninety-two has matching gematria with Biden’s common and full names. Recall that the Queen died on September 8th, or 9/8.

Ninety two = 145, 98, and 44. Joe Biden = 145 and 44, Joseph Robinette Biden = 98

Joe Biden and King Charles both share Primary birth numerology of 92:(11) + (20) + (19) + (42) = 92 and (11) + (14) + (19) + (48) = 92

The meeting falls a span of 902 days after Joe Biden took office and 9 weeks, 2 days after Charles’ coronation:

This will be the two leaders’ first meeting since the Coronation of Charles III.

"Coronation of Charles III" = 238 (Ordinal)

Charles III will be 238 days after his birthday:

This may hold additional relevance, as the numbers in Charles’ Latin gematria can be flipped to show us a 666.

In Latin, Six hundred sixty six = 2038 and Charles Philip Arthur George = 996

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