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Giants Beat Dodgers After Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are Honored

Dodgers honor anti-Catholic drag 'nuns' more than an hour before first pitch inside nearly empty stadiumThe Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence received a Community Hero Award

I wonder what the fan giveaway was

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a group based in San Francisco. This game featured the San Francisco Giants visiting Los Angeles.

"Los Angeles" = 37 (Reduction)

San Francisco is situated on the 37th northern parallel.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is officially abbreviated as SPI.

"SPI" = 37 (Reverse)

They like to dress up as Nuns.

"Nuns" = 370 (Latin)

San Francisco won and got their 37th victory
The 37th Prime number is 157

"Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" = 157 (Reverse Reduction)

"Giant" = 157 (Latin)

Dave Roberts

"Papyrus" = 37 (Reverse Reduction)

The date June 16th, or 6/16, is a curious one to choose for this event. The number 616 has grown to become the “alternate” number of the Beast (as opposed to 666) thanks to Papyrus 115, a recently-found manuscript indicating a different value than the one we’ve grown accustomed to.

The 16th of June is written internationally as 16/06. This matches the name of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager, David Ray Roberts.

"David Ray Roberts" = 1606 (Latin)

The fact that his middle name is Ray should stand out. My last post discusses how the death of Ray Lewis III, son of the NFL Hall of Famer, was connected to the death of Kamrin Ray at Marquette University in April. The emblem for The Society of Jesus, also called the Jesuit Order, is a Sun with its Rays emanating from all sides.

The Society of Jesus = 224 and 98. David Ray Roberts = 224, 98, 181, and 73. Los Angeles Dodgers = 181, and 73. Dodgers = 98

In Reverse, The Society of Jesus sums to both 235 and 91.

The Society of Jesus = 235 and 91 Reverse

Pope Francis is the first pontiff to belong to the Jesuits. The game fell exactly 235 weeks before he turns 91 years old:Dave Roberts turns 666 years, 16 days old one day before that:

The two numbers of the Beast are 666 and 616. The Earth’s orbital velocity is listed at 66,616 miles per hour.

Francis of Assisi / Jesuit Order

The game was played on the 167th day of the year:

San Franciso is named after Francis of Assisi.

"Francis of Assisi" = 167 (Ordinal)

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are highly-controversial for satirizing the Catholic Church, whose highest ranking member is also named after Francis of Assisi.

"Jesuit" = 167 (Capitals Mixed)

This was the Dodgers’ 70th game of the season.

"Francis" = 70 (Ordinal)

The most iconic structure in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Pope Francis was born 161 days before the Golden Gate Bridge opened. The Golden Ratio is 1.61...

The pope is also called the Pontiff. That word comes from pontifex in Latin, which translates to Bridge-builder.

Clayton Kershaw

Pontiff has gematria of 86.

"Pontiff" = 86 (Ordinal)

The Los Angeles Dodgers honored the group 181 days after Pope Francis’s 86th birthday:

Clayton Edward Kershaw = 86 and Los Angeles Dodgers = 181

Dodgers’ star pitcher Clayton Kershaw, a man of faith, had spoken up in the media about his disapproval of allowing SPI on the field, as they stand against the Catholic Religion.

Catholic = 35, Religion, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Los Angeles California all = 89

On the date of the game, Kershaw was 35 years, 89 days old:

Clayton has 205 career wins

Pope, Jesuits, and Jesuit Order all = 205


"Catholic" = 194 (Latin)

The words Catholic and Jesuits has remarkable overlap with Kershaw.

Clayton wears #22 for the Dodgers:

"Jesuits" = 22 (Reduction)

He didn’t care for the Nuns who were LGBTQ.

Kershaw was born on March 19th, or 3/19:

The word Jesuit also matches his number 22.

Jesuit and Twenty-two both = 78 and 42 Reverse

The 22nd Prime number is 79

He was born on the 79th day of a leap year:

"Society of Jesus" = 79 (Reverse Reduction)

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