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2018 Death of Dynamite Kid Connected to AEW Dynamite

In 2018, famous professional wrestler Dynamite Kid passed away following a slew of health problems stemming from his career as a particularly physical professional wrestler. Some of them appear to have developed due to the repetitive damage he took performing his famous finishing maneuver – the Diving Headbutt, which he is seen doing in the photo above.

The date of his death was December 5th – which just so happened to be his birthday. Less than one month later, billionaire sports owner Tony Khan announced the creation of All Elite Wrestling.

The Dynamite Kid’s real name was Tom Billington, which has matching 189 gematria with Tony Khan.

Tom Billington = 189 and Tony Khan = 1089

Khan was 1890 weeks old when he established AEW:

AEW Dynamite

Dynamite Kid was one half of the tag team the British Bulldogs.

British Bulldogs and AEW Dynamite both = 177

Later in 2019, AEW began airing its flagship program, which happened to be called Dynamite, curiously matching the name of the former wrestler. Dynamite originally debuted on TNT, which are the three letters often seen on sticks of dynamite in cartoons.

AEW Dynamite has gematria of 60 and 720.

AEW Dynamite = 60 and 720

The Dynamite Kid died on his 60th birthday at the age of exactly 720 months:

Tom Billington = 72 and The Dynamite Kid = 720 Reverse Satanic

"Headbutt" = 720 (Standard)

The Dynamite Kid was born on December 5th, or 12/5
He died on December 5th, or 12/5

"Dynamite" = 125 (Reverse)

He died 1 month, 25 days after Tony Khan’s birthday:

All Elite Wrestling = 203 and The Dynamite Kid = 230

Dynamite debuted 2 months, 3 days (or 9 weeks, 1 day) before Billington’s birthday and the anniversary of his death:

"Dynamite" = 91 (Ordinal)

AEW Founding Date

"Headbutt" = 27 (Reduction)

AEW was founded 27 days after Billington died:

The 27th Prime number is 103

"All Elite Wrestling" = 103 (Reverse Reduction)

AEW was officially founded on January 1st, or 1/1 of ’19.

"AEW" = 11 (Reduction)

Thomas Billington = 190 and Dynamite = 1009

Thomas Billington died on a date with Reduced numerology of 19:1+2 + 5 + 2+0+1+8 = 19

His birth was on a date with Reduced numerology of 31:1+2 + 5 + 1+9+5+8 = 31

The first episode of Dynamite fell 301 days after the Dynamite Kid died:

All Elite = 31 and Wrestling = 127

The 31st Prime number is 127

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