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7 Dead, Including 3 Children in Covenant School Shooting in Nashville

Nashville school shooting: 6 killed including 3 students, shooter dead Police confirmed that the shooter was a 28-year-old female

This school shooting reportedly happened at The Covenant School in Nashville.

Next month, it just so happens a major motion picture called The Covenant is being released:

The movie is also called Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant, as it was written and directed by Guy Ritchie. His full name, Guy Stuart Ritchie, matches both Nashville, Tennessee and The Covenant School.

Guy Stuart Ritchie and Nashville, Tennessee both = 208 and 100

Guy Stuart Ritchie and The Covenant School both = 80

The shooting at The Covenant School was a span of 199 days after Ritchie’s birthday:

"The Covenant School" = 199 (Ordinal)

"School shooting" = 199 (Reverse)

199 is the 46th Prime number

The Covenant depicts the war in Afghanistan.

The Covenant, Afghanistan, Nashville TN, and Sacrifice all = 46 Reduction

In 2020, Nashville was the site of a truck bombing on Christmas morning.

Today is exactly 292 weeks after the Nashville eclipse and 2 years, 92 days after the Nashville Christmas Day bombing:

Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Shooting has matching gematria with 292.

Shooting and 292 both = 107 and 109

Eclipse Code

Although the headline says six were killed, 7 people died including the shooter, with 3 of them being children.

This shooting at The Covenant School, a Presbyterian school in Nashville, Tennessee fell on a date with Primary numerology of 73:(3) + (27) + (20) + (23) = 73

"The Covenant School" = 73 (Reduction)

"Presbyterian" = 73 (Reverse Reduction)

"Nashville Tennessee" = 73 (Reduction)

Sacrifice and Ritual sacrifice both = 73

The phrase Solar eclipse sums to 73.

"Solar eclipse" = 73 (Reverse Reduction)

In 2017, the first Great American Eclipse passed over the city of Nashville:

This eclipse over Nashville was on 8/21
It belonged to Saros # 145

Guy Ritchie = 821 Latin and 145 Reverse

Joe Biden was exactly 1045 Sidereal months (lunar orbits) old when he became President:

"Joe Biden" = 145 (Standard)

821 is the 142nd Prime number

The Covenant‘s release date falls 821 days after Joe Biden took office and 142 days before Guy Ritchie’s next birthday:

Afghanistan War and Female shooter both = 142 Ordinal

821 is the 233rd day of the year, connecting to 1331 and Guy Ritchie:Day of Year: (Aug-21) = 233

"Thirteen thirty one" = 233 (Ordinal)

"Guy Ritchie" = 1331 (Standard)

1331 is the ultimate eclipse number

Just yesterday, I made this post explaining how Otto Warmbier was in the news because he would have been 10331 days old.

"Shooting" = 109 (Reverse)

Guy Ritchie was born on 10/9 in ’68

The release of The Covenant falls exactly 68 months after the eclipse over Nashville:

"Nashville" = 608 (Fibonacci)

The Covenant will be released on a date with Primary numerology of 68 and 48:(4) + (21) + (20) + (23) = 68 and (4) + (21) + (23) = 48

Guy was 48 during the Nashville eclipse
The 48th Prime number is 223
The film’s release is in 2023

The Moon sums to 223 in Hebrew, the number of months in the Saros cycle. 223 is the 48th Prime number, matching Luna, the Latin name for the Moon.

The Covenant is being released 223 days (or a span of 224) after Ritchie’s birthday:

"Guy Stuart Ritchie" = 224 (Ordinal)

John Cooper / Female Shooter

Today’s Shooting also had date numerology of 3753, and 17:(3) + (27) + 2+0+2+3 = 37, (3) + (27) + (23) = 53, and 3 + 2+7 + 2+3 = 17

Shooting = 37, 53, and 107

The 53 and 17 are also found in the gematria of The Covenant, which syncs up with Sacrifice.

The Covenant = 53 and 170, Sacrifice = 170

In Latin gematria, Sacrifice sums to 206.

"Sacrifice" = 206 (Latin)

The 206th Prime number is 1277

The shooting fell a span of 1277 days (or exactly 3 years, 6 months) after Nashville mayor John Cooper took office:

"Cooper" = 36 (Reduction)

Nashville sits on the 36th northern parallel. The Nashville Predators currently have 36 wins. The name of the mayor, John Cooper, has matching numbers with the shooter, Samantha Hyde. Uniquely, it’s a female shooter.

John Cooper and Samantha Hyde both = 119 and 56

"Divine feminine" = 911 (Latin)

The name Hyde sums to 42. The word Female, as well as Lady and the vulgar Bitch, all have gematria of 42.

"Hyde" = 42 (Ordinal)

Female, Lady, and Bitch all = 42 Ordinal

It’s also a span of exactly 42 months after Cooper became the mayor:


The perpetrator was reportedly killed by officers at 10:27 a.m.:

The Covenant and Covenant Presbyterian Church both = 127

"Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 127 (Reduction)

The school’s address is 33 Burton Hills Blvd. The highest degree of Masonry is the 33rd.

Masonry, Police, Secrecy, Order, and False Flag all = 33

33 is 11×3. High-level American Masonry traces its lineage to the Scottish Rite.

"Scottish" = 113 (Ordinal)

The word “Lie” (lIE) can be construed to appear similar to the number 113.

The shooting was a span of 1 years, 13 days before the second Great American Eclipse:

Might there be a special reason that this number is reflected in the reported time of the shooting?


Scottish and Female shooter both = 450

Samantha has a lot of overlap in gematria with Scottish and Freemasonry.

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