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Adam Sandler Receives 2023 Mark Twain Prize for American Comedy

Adam Sandler gets Mark Twain prize surrounded by celeb pals

Last night, the 2023 edition of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor was issued to comedian Adam Sandler. It’s important to note that the date this event is held on varies widely. It was first issued in October of 1998. The 2019 Mark Twain Prize, which I decoded on YouTube, wasn’t even issued until 2020.

Sandler received his Comedy award on a date with Primary numerology of 65 and 29:(3) + (19) + (20) + (23) = 65 and (3) + (19) + 2+0+2+3 = 29

Comedy = 65 and 29

Mark Twain / 33

Mark Twain was born on November 30th, or 11/30

Adam Sandler was born on the date leaving 113 days in the year:

33 is 11×3

The ceremony was held 33 days before the 113th anniversary of Mark Twain’s death:

Adam Richard Sandler = 303 and 1113

Mark Twain’s birthday is November 30th, the ultimate eclipse date.

"Eclipse" = 33 (Reduction)

Adam Sandler was born on 9/9/66

In Reduction, Thirty-three sums to 66, the first multiple of 33.

Thirty three = 66 Reduction and 1515 Standard

The prize was given 15 months, 15 days (or 470 days) after the last Total eclipse:

"Total eclipse" = 47 (Reduction)

"Award" = 47 (Ordinal)

Jesuit Order

This year’s award has a heavy Jesuit theme to it. Notice how the secret society Jesuit Order has all sorts of overlap with both Adam Sandler and Adam Richard Sandler.

As with any “Jesuit” media ritual, chronomancy is practiced in connection with the dates of significant solar eclipses. Note the matching 187 Reverse gematria of Society of Jesus and Total eclipse.

Using the Reverse Standard method, Mark Twain has gematria of 1870. In Ordinal, his name sums to 110 – the same as his real birth name, Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

Mark Twain = 1870 and 110, Samuel Langhorne Clemens = 110 and 1010

Sandler got his award 187 years, 110 days after Mark Twain was born and 333 days after the anniversary of his death:

"Adam Richard Sandler" = 333 (Reverse)

Society of Jesus and Total eclipse also share Reduction values of 56.

Sandler was born 56 years after Mark Twain died, and he was 56 years old when he accepted his prize:

The gathering fell on a date with alternate numerology of 56:3 + 1+9 + (20) + (23) = 56

Eclipse Alignments

In the alphabetic order, Samuel Langhorne Clemens has gematria of 236.

"Samuel Langhorne Clemens" = 236 (Ordinal)

Sunday fell 2036 days after the first Great American Eclipse:

"Twain Award" = 2036 (Latin)

A number strongly-connected to the Jesuits is 78.

Jesuit and The Jesuit Order both = 78

Adam Sandler was awarded on the 78th day of the year. This year’s Annular Eclipse occurs on October 14th, which leaves 78 days on the calendar:

Sandler’s ceremony fell 209 days before the 2023 Annular Eclipse over the United States:

The phrase for Solar Eclipse in Hebrew has a Standard gematria value of 209:

"Samuel Clemens" = 209 (Reverse)

Eclipses from the same Saros cycle are separated by 223 lunar phases. Adam Sandler won the 2023 edition of the Mark Twain Prize.

Clemens died 223 days before his next birthday and 142 days after last:

The Comedian Sandler was born a span of 142 days after April 21st the date of Samuel Clemens died:

Samuel Clemens, Comedian, and Sandler all = 142

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