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English Astrologer “Mystic Meg” Dies @ 80

Mystic Meg: Astrologer dies aged 80

Mystic Meg was a longtime writer whose work in Astrology was published in major media outlets like The Sun and News of the World. She was also featured on English lottery programs.

Her death fell on March 9th, which is intriguingly just two days after what some outlets consider to be the biggest astrological shift of the year – Saturn moved into Pisces, which is also the Sun’s current sign, on March 7th. It takes roughly 2.5 years for Saturn, a Planet with Rings, to transit an entire Zodiac sign.

Planet and Rings both = 226 Latin

Pisces has matching 226 gematria with Mystic Meg.

"Pisces" = 226 (Primes)

"Mystic Meg" = 226 (Capitals Mixed)

Meg died a span of 226 days after her last birthday, and 141 days before her next:

"Pisces" = 141 (Capitals Mixed)

Sacrifice = 226 Standard and 141 Fibonacci

141 has the same digits as Mystic Meg in Ordinal. Beginning in the 2000’s, Sun Bingo chose her as a host, and her game was called Mystic Meg’s Wheel of Destiny.

Mystic Meg and Mystic Megs Wheel of Destiny both = 114

The sign for Pisces is two fish

A lot of fish live in Lakes
Meg’s last name was Lake

Her full name also matching gematria with Pisces across multiple methods.

Margaret Anne Lake and Pisces both = 426 and 97

Meg died on the 9th of March, or 9/3.

"Saturn" = 93 (Ordinal)

Saturn also sums to 42, a significant number connected to Astrology.

"Saturn" = 42 (Reverse Reduction)

"Astrology" = 42 (Reduction)

Mystic Meg was born in the year ’42

"Mystic Meg" = 42 (Reduction)

"Meg" = 42 (Latin)

Mystic Meg also shares 48 gematria with Astrology.

Mystic Meg and Astrology both = 48

The 48th Prime number is 223
Meg has died in 2023

Mystic Meg was born on July 27th, the 208th day of the year:

Her lottery segment was called Mystic Meg Predicts.

Mystic Meg Predicts and Wheel of Destiny = 208

I thought her birth chart was pretty cool. The Moon is essentially directly opposite all of the other major celestial bodies. It kind of looks some type of kite.

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