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My Post on Reggie White – By the Numbers

A few minutes ago, I finished this post explaining how the 1996 fire at a church where Reggie White was a minister was connected to Super Bowl XXXI.

Unsure of why I was inspired to do some work on this, I checked today’s date against Reggie’s birthday and date of passing. As usual, the alignments are staggering.

Reggie would have been a span of 61 years, 61 days old today:

The post was about a Church fire. Just as Reggie was, I’m a believer in the spirit of Jesus.

Church and Jesus both = 61

61 is the 18th Prime number

The Minister of Defense passed away 18 years ago (or a span of 217 months, 23 days):

Today’s date is 2/17/23

He died on December twenty-sixth. I made the post on February seventeenth.

December twenty sixth and February seventeenth both = 89, 98, and 100

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