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Colorado House Minority Leader Hugh McKean Dies Suddenly @ 55

Colorado GOP official dies suddenly at 55

Hugh McKean = 55 K Exception

"Sacrifice" = 55 (Single Reduction)

Colorado was the 38th state admitted to the U.S. The state’s governor is named Jared.McKean was the house minority leader of the Colorado General Assembly.

Colorado = 38 and 308

"Jared" = 38 (Ordinal)

"Colorado General Assembly" = 380 (Reverse)

38 is the number of Death, Murder, and Killing, as was symbolized by the 2002 film Murder by Numbers.

Death, Killing, Murder, and RIP all = 38

“Ritual Sacrifice” Code

In Reduction, Hugh McKean has gematria of 46. This is the Hebrew Ordinal value of “Kill” and “Murder”.

"Hugh McKean" = 46 (Reduction)

In English, it’s also the sum of Sacrifice.

Sacrifice = 46 and 62

He died on a date with numerology of 46 and 62, which also left 62 days in the year:(10) + (30) + 2+0+2+2 = 46, (10) + (30) + (22) = 62, and October 30th leaves 62 days in the year

The date also had Primary numerology of 82:(10) + (30) + (20) + (22) = 82

"Ritual sacrifice" = 82 (Single Reduction)

The current Governor of Colorado is Jared Polis. His full name matches Sacrifice in the two primary extended methods.

Jared Schutz Polis and Sacrifice both = 206 and 226

He took office on January 8th, or 1/8. Colorado was initially admitted to the United State on the 1st of August, or 1/8, a date with Primary numerology of 103:(8) + (1) + (18) + (76) = 103

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 103 (Single Reduction)

"Human sacrifice" = 130 (Ordinal)

Hugh McKean died on October 30th, or 10/30
13th Triangular number is 91

Hugh McKean = 91 Ordinal

Hugh McKean died 1391 days after Jared Polis took office:

Ritual = 1391 and 1391

A number commonly coded around Ritual human sacrifice is Thirty-three.

Thirty three and Ritual human sacrifice both = 895 Latin

McKean died on the 303rd day of the year:

Hugh McKean died 330 days after the last total solar Eclipse:

Grand Old Party

McKean was a member of the Colorado GOP, a.k.a. the Republican party.

Colorado’s Minority leader for the GOP was from Loveland, Colorado.

Minority leader and Loveland Colorado both = 168

His death fell 168 years, 224 days after the founding of the Republican party:

McKean died during Colorado’s 73rd General Assembly, which he first took office with in January of last year.

"GOP" = 73 (Capitals Mixed)

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