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President Joe Biden Diagnosed with COVID-19

Biden tests positive for Covid-19, White House says

Today’s date falls 243 days after Joe Biden’s birthday:

"Joseph Robinette Biden Jr." = 243 (English Ordinal)

Today has Primary numerologies of 70 and 34:(7) + (21) + (20) + (22) = 70 and (7) + (21) + 2+0+2+2 = 34

Biden = 70 and 34

Coronavirus = 70 Reverse Reduction

Biden tested Positive for COVID-19 547 days after taking office:

547 is the 101st Prime number

Biden, Positive, and COVID-19 all = 101 Reverse

These same digits are found in the gematria of President, which also sums to 133 in Reverse.

President = 110 and 133

Coronavirus = 1303 Latin

Biden and Trump were born a span of 1303 days apart:

Today is a span of 133 days (or exactly 19 weeks) after the anniversary of COVID-19 being declared a global pandemic:

POTUS = 19 Reduction

The last two men to hold the position of POTUS were diagnosed with the “virus” 1 year, 9 months, 19 days apart:

“Cancer” Riddle

In 2015, Joe’s namesake Beau Biden died of Cancer. He was born in ’69, which looks like the glyph for the astrological sign of Cancer:

Today, July 21st, is 169 days after Beau’s birthday and 2,609 days after Beau’s death – on top of that, it’s also the last full day of Cancer.

Cancer and Joe Biden both = 44 and 152

Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon, whose Fall is in Scorpio – Joe Biden’s birth sign. Scorpio’s ruling planet is Mars, and this morning saw a Moon/Mars conjunction.

Yesterday, people went bonkers after Joe Biden “accidentally” said he had Cancer:US President Joe Biden's "I Have Cancer" Remark Stuns Twitter, White House Clarifies

Biden’s speech was in Somerset, Massachusetts, which has matching 132 gematria with Cancer in Latin/Jewish.

Somerset, Massachusetts and Cancer both = 132

Biden was Diagnosed with COVID at exactly 1065 sidereal months of age:

Diagnosed = 165 Reverse

He’s been widely accused of being the beneficiary of a stolen election from Donald Trump, who was born on the 165th day of the year:

Joe Biden was also sworn into office on an exact lunar count, having been 1045 sidereal months (lunar orbits) old:

Joe Biden = 145 Standard

It was also 145 days before Donald Trump’s next birthday:

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