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NBA First-Rounder Caleb Swanigan Dies @ 25

Purdue All-American, former NBA player, Caleb Swanigan dead at the age of 25

Caleb Sylvester Swanigan, who was born in Indianapolis, was chosen at Round 1, Pick 26 of the NBA Draft by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Caleb Sylvester Swanigan = 1026, Indianapolis = 1206, Portland Trail Blazers = 126

The new coach of the Trail Blazers is Chauncey Billups.

"Chauncey Billups" = 1026 (English Sumerian)

Caleb was born 68 days before Chauncey Billups was drafted:

Indiana is known for its affinity for the sport of Basketball. This player who went to Purdue died on a date with Primary numerology of 68 and 32:(6) + (20) + (20) + (22) = 68 and (6) + (20) + 2+0+2+2 = 32

In Reverse Reduction, Basketball = 68 and Purdue = 32

The date of his death had Standard numerology of 48, matching his name in Reduction:(6) + (20) + (22) = 48

"Caleb Swanigan" = 48 (Full Reduction)

There’s a deeper riddle connected to Trail Blazer head coaches that will need to be elaborated on further. In 2012, Portland promoted assistant Kaleb Canales, who shares a first name with Caleb Swanigan, to interim head coach. With that move, Canales became the first-ever Mexican-American to hold a head coaching position in the NBA. Canales last coached for the Indiana Pacers, who play in Swanigan’s home town of Indianapolis.

Eclipse Sacrifice

According to the official Purdue Basketball Twitter feed, Swanigan’s nickname was “Biggie”:

Swanigan was born a span of 9099 days after the Notorious B.I.G. aka “Biggie”:

“Biggie” Smalls died on March 9th, 1997, the same date as a total solar eclipse. The name Caleb Swanigan has Sumerian gematria of 666.

"Caleb Swanigan" = 666 (English Sumerian)

Once every couple of days, I make sure to post a link to this slideshow to remind people how 666 is a centerpiece of the Eclipse code.

Caleb Swanigan was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His name has a lot of overlap with the city.

Caleb Sylvester Swanigan = 338, Indianapolis Indiana = 338, Caleb Swanigan = 338 Primes

Indianapolis sits directly in the path of the 2024 Total solar eclipse over the United States, Caleb died in Fort Wayne, IN, which is on the northern edge of that same path:

Ritual human sacrifice and Indianapolis, Indiana both = 94 Reduction

His death fell exactly 94 weeks before that eclipse:

He would have been 1407 weeks old on the date of that eclipse:

"Fort Wayne, IN" = 147 (Reverse Ordinal)

Ninety-four = 1470, 147, and 123, Indianapolis = 123

Swanigan died at the age of 9194 days:

It was on the date leaving 194 days in the year:

The date he died also fell 1 year, 9 months, 20 days before that same eclipse:

"Eclipse" = 192 (Jewish)

“Ritual Sacrifice” Coding

"Ritual" = 410 (Jewish)

He died a span of exactly 4 years, 10 days after the first Great American Eclipse:

The 26th pick passed away in connection to his upcoming 26th birthday on the 20th of June, or 20/6 of the year ’222 months, 2 days after his last birthday:

In Latin/Jewish, Sacrifice = 206 and Ritual human sacrifice = 202 Ordinal

His death also fell 6 months, 16 days after the most recent Total solar eclipse:

"Ritual sacrifice" = 616 (Jewish)

In Latin/Jewish gematria, the phrase Ritual human sacrifice has matching gematria with the number 33.

Thirty-three and Thirty-three both = 895 Jewish

Swanigan was drafted to play pro basketball in Oregon (OR), which is the 33rd state.

"OR" = 33 (English Ordinal)

Oregon is where the first Great American Eclipse in 2017 entered the United States. Consider how these eclipses blaze a trail over the country. In standard Reduction, Eclipse sums to 33.

"Eclipse" = 33 (Full Reduction)

His death fell 303 days after the anniversary of the first Great American Eclipse:

It was also a span of 303 days before his next birthday:

Swanigan was 3 days into his 303rd month:

Chauncey Billups
Death and Eclipse sacrifice both = 97

Caleb Swanigan was born in ’97
Chauncey Billups was drafted in ’97

Billups was born on the date leaving 97 days in the year:

His Death fell 97 days before Chauncey Billups’ birthday:

97 is the 25th Prime number
He died at the age of 25
Billups was born on the 25th

FOX News put a tribute in their headline:"Caleb Swanigan, former Purdue standout and first-round NBA draft pick, dead at 25" = 713 (English Ordinal)

"Total eclipse" = 713 (English Extended)

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