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Robb Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

19 children, 2 teachers killed in Texas elementary school shooting An 18-year-old suspect was fatally wounded by law enforcement officers, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said.

19 children, 2 teachers?

"Eclipse" = 192 (Jewish)

Uvalde, Texas has double gematria of 134, which is the Ordinal value of Solar eclipse. We will see how this is also a ritual for the first Jesuit Pope.

Uvalde, Texas = 134 Ordinal and 1304 Trigonal

"Solar eclipse" = 134 (English Ordinal)

"Jesuit Pope" = 134 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Robb" = 134 (Jewish)

"Coahuila governor" = 1304 (Jewish)

Uvalde gets its name from Juan de Ugalde, a former Coahuila governor. In 2020, I did this decode which explained how a school shooting in Coahuila was connected to its governor, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís.

Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis

May 24th was 134 days after the anniversary of the Coahuila school shooting:

The shooter in that 2020 incident was Jose Ramos. This time, the shooter’s name is Salvador Ramos.

Eclipse = 314 Satanic and Salvador Ramos = 314 Franc Baconis

Within the next two years, Uvalde (left) will see both an annular and a total solar eclipse. In fact, the 2020 shooting in Torreon (right) was virtually right next to the point of greatest eclipse in 2024:

The first of these belongs to Saros series 134:

Notice how this is the 44th of 71 eclipses in the series. These are the only two numbers that have gematria of 144 in Ordinal.

Forty-four and Seventy-one both = 144 Ordinal

"X" = 144 (English Sumerian)

The school shooting was on a date with Primary numerology of 71, which was the 144th day of the year:(5) + (24) + (20) + (22) = 71 and May 24th is the 144th day of the year

Each eclipse in a Saros series is separated by 223 lunar phases. This annular eclipse is in the year 2023. This shooting was at Robb Elementary.

"Robb Elementary" = 223 (Reverse Ordinal)

The Moon sums to 223 in Hebrew Gematria:

Robb Elementary School = 227 Ordinal, ליקוי מלא (Total eclipse) = 227 Hebrew

Jesuit Eclipse Riddle

The Jesuit Order was founded in the year 1540.

"Uvalde, TX" = 1540 (English Extended)

"Robb" = 154 (English Extended)

The Jesuit emblem shows IHS, which stands for Iesus Hominum Salvator:

The name of the shooter was Salvador Ramos.

Salvador Ramos = 85 and 158

The Pope was 85 years, 158 days old for yesterday’s school shooting:

It was also 110 months, 11 days after he became the Pope. “Uvalde” = 1111 (Squares).

The Jesuit Order operates under the approval of the Catholic Church.

The Jesuit Order = 69, Catholic Church = 69, Order = 33

The suspect’s name sums to both 33 and 69, also matching False flag, Texas, and Eclipse.

Salvador Rolando Ramos = 303, Ramos = 33 and 69

"Texas" = 69 (English Ordinal)

False flag = 69, 33, and 156, Eclipse = 69, 33, and 156

Whenever we talk about eclipses, it’s almost impossible not to mention the number 156. Eclipses always occur 15, or 6 lunar phases after the last one.

Thirty-three and Eclipse the Sun both = 156 Ordinal

The Pope is 1056 lunar phases old (more on him below):

Yesterday was 1560 days after the Stoneman Douglas HS shooting:

In Jewish gematria, Sandy Hook Elementary School sums to 1560. The alleged shooting there happened on December 14th, or 12/14.

Sandy Hook Elementary School = 1560, One five six = 1214

In the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, most of the fatalities occurred in Room 1214:

Sandy Hook was exactly eight years before a Total solar eclipse passed directly over Argentina – the exact same date the COVID-19 vaccine was approved:

That 2020 Total eclipse fell a span of 1212 days after the first Great American Eclipse and a span of 1212 days before the second:

Total solar eclipse = 202 Ordinal and 1212 Sumerian

The 2020 Total eclipse began Lunation #1212:

"Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" = 1016 (Jewish)

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam is the motto of the Jesuit Order, which the current Pope belongs to. Pope Francis is from Argentina, the nation that saw the greatest point of eclipse in 2020.

The Sun is an average of 93 million miles away from Earth.

Robb Elementary = 930 Sumerian, Uvalde = 930 Jewish

The Sun’s atmosphere, only visible during an eclipse, is called the Corona.

"Coronavirus" = 930 (English Sumerian)

The Uvalde, Texas shooting fell 804 days after the World Health Organization declared a Coronavirus pandemic:

Uvalde, Texas and Solar eclipse both = 804 Sumerian

"Jesuit Pope" = 804 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Salvador Rolando Ramos = 85, Jesuit = 84, The Jesuit Order = 84

Pope Francis has Primary birth numerology of 84:(12) + (17) + (19) + (36) = 84

The shooting in Torreón fell 1550 days before the Eclipse that passes over it:

Robb Elementary and Coronavirus both = 155 Ordinal

“58” Connections

"Pope Francis" = 58 (Reverse Reduction)

So what happens if we measure from yesterday’s incident to the first eclipse over Uvalde?

The Uvalde shooting fell 508 days before the 2023 Annular eclipse:

"Fake shooting" = 58 (Full Reduction)

The Sandy Hook shooting fell on a date with Primary numerology of 58:(12) + (14) + (20) + (12) = 58

"Sandy Hook" = 58 (Single Reduction KV)

The 58th Triangular number is 1711

Sandy Hook was in Newtown, Connecticut, which was founded in the year 1711:

The Sandy Hook event was 1711 days before the first Great American Eclipse:

Yesterday’s school shooting was a span of 17 months, 11 days after the 12/14 “Jesuit” eclipse:

The El Paso Walmart shooting was a span of 1711 days before the second Great American Eclipse:

El Paso shooting = 580 and El Paso, Texas = 271
The 58th Prime number is 271

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