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Escaped Inmate Casey White Found, Vicky White Dies

Alabama inmate Casey White called Vicky White his 'wife' after she apparently shot herself during crash: Feds

The journey of the fugitive who captured the nation’s attention this past week ended yesterday, May 9th, with the death Vicky White, the prison guard who facilitated his escape.

The story began in Alabama, whose governor is Kay Ivey.

Yesterday’s conclusion fell a span of exactly 61 months after Ivey took office:

Ivey and Alabama both = 61

The 61st Prime number is 283

Kay Ivey was 28330 days old yesterday:

Notice how Alabama’s state flag is just an X. This is in all likelihood a symbol for the two Twin Eclipses:

The couple ran off from Lauderdale County jail.

"Lauderdale County" = 1133 (Jewish)

The ultimate Eclipse number is 1331. Alabama is the only state in the Union with 1331 gematria, and even Alabama state flag has this value in Reverse.

Alabama = 13 and 31

Alabama state flag = 103 and 310

Kay Ivey died in Evansville, Indiana, which sits in the path of the next Total solar eclipse over the United States:


Kay Ivey has matching gematria with Fifty-six, which also syncs up with the name of the fugitive, Casey White.

Kay Ivey = 98, Fifty-six = 98, 118, and 46, Casey White = 118 and 46

The Jailhouse romance began 263 weeks after Kay Ivey took office:

"Jailhouse romance" = 263 (Reverse Ordinal)

263 is the 56th Prime number

Society of Jesus and Total eclipse both = 56

May 9th fell a span of 5 months, 6 days after the last Total eclipse:

While Casey was captured alive, 56-year-old Vicky White died during the altercation with law enforcement:Casey White, 38, and Vicky White, 56,

She died on a date with Primary numerology of 56:(5) + (9) + (20) + (22) = 56

"Alabama" = 56 (Jewish)

"Kay Ellen Ivey" = 56 (Full Reduction)

The chase ended 5 months, 6 days before Ivey’s next birthday:

It’s been 56 months since the first Great American Eclipse:

Vicky White died 56 days before Independence Day:

The United States will be 246 years old on July 4th:

The Bavarian Illuminati turned 246 years old a couple of days after the initial escape:

The couple was caught exactly 246 weeks after the first Great American Eclipse:

The pair escaped on the date leaving 246 years days in the year:

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