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Organic Matrix – Tuesday’s Super Stream

A little bit ago, I scheduled a Super Stream for tomorrow to cover the death of Gary Brown and how it connects to other deaths related to this weekend’s Masters:

It’s been a few months since I did a Super Stream on a Tuesday. Since that was the day of the week I was born, I thought it would be appropriate to check my age.

I turn exactly 1923 weeks old tomorrow:I turn exactly 1923 weeks old tomorrow:

1923 is a significant number to the name Brown. In the year 1923, scientists began counting lunar phases by using the Brown Lunation Number:The most commonly used was the Brown Lunation Number (BLN), which defines lunation 1 as beginning at the first new moon of 1923, the year when Ernest William Brown's lunar theory was introduced in the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac. Lunation 1 occurred at approximately 02:41 UTC, January 17, 1923.

This synchronicity makes sense, because I was born in connection to this count. My date of birth is June 4th of 1985, during Brown Lunation # 772, matching my common name:

"Derek Tikkuri" = 772 (English Extended)

I’m a Gemini, whose ruling planet is Mercury.

Mercury = 86, 1228, and 41

This last Masters tournament was the 86th of all-time. It occurred during Brown Lunation # 1228, which began on 4/1:

As explained in my video on Taylor Hawkins, this is why there was such a significant Mercury riddle in his death. The Magic Square of Mercury has a sum of 2080:

In the Square number cipher, my name sums to 2080.

"Derek Tikkuri" = 2080 (Squares)

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