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Kansas Jayhawks Win 2022 NCAA Basketball Tourney

(See my other post on more Eclipse riddles in this game)

In this game, the Kansas Jayhawks completed the largest Comeback in the history of the NCAA Championship game.

Kansas Jayhawks and Comeback both = 163

163 is the 38th Prime number. WrestleMania 38 just took place this weekend in neighboring Texas.

"Kansas" = 65 (English Ordinal)

The game fell 65 days after the anniversary of Kansas being admitted to the United States of America:

It was played on a date with Primary numerology of 50:(4) + (4) + (20) + (22) = 50

"America" = 50 (English Ordinal)

The 50th Prime number is 229
Bill Self has 229 losses in 992 games

“Twitter” Riddle

Yesterday, I explained part of the numeric riddle behind Elon Musk’s purchase of a significant number of Twitter shares. Unsurprisingly, that story was also connected to last night’s NCAA Men’s Basketball championship between Kansas & North Carolina.

"Kansas-North Carolina" = 213 (English Ordinal)

The date written 21/3, or March 21st, was the founding date of both Twitter and the University of Kansas:

The University was founded in 1865, which was the final year of the Civil War. Their mascot, the Jayhawksget their name from the term Jayhawker, which was the nickname given to Kansans who fought in the war.

The Jayhawks won on a date with Primary numerology of 50, which was the 94th day of the year:(4) + (4) + (20) + (22) = 50 and April 4th is the 94th day of the year

Kansas Jayhawker = 50 and 94

Roy Williams

Kansas vs. North Carolina is an intriguing matchup. After a decade as an assistant at North Carolina, coach Roy Williams left for Kansas to become their head coach, and he would lead them for 15 years. In 2003, he left Kansas to return to UNC, where he would be their head coach for another 18 years.

"Roy Williams" = 141 (Reverse Ordinal)

The word Jayhawker sums to 141.

"Jayhawker" = 141 (Reverse Ordinal)

The coach of the Kansas Jayhawks is Bill Self, who was a graduate of fellow Big 12 school Oklahoma State.

"Oklahoma State" = 141 (English Ordinal)

There were a total of 141 points scored in this game

The University of Kansas was founded exactly 141 years (or a span of 51500 days) before Twitter:

These are numbers connected to Thirty-three.

Thirty-three = 141 Reverse and 515 Primes

515 is a significant number to Jesus. Bill Self graduated in 1985.

Jesus = 515 and 985

Jesus was crucified at age 33, as darkness fell over the sky, akin to an Eclipse. The school motto of Kansas is Exodus 3:3. Roy Williams spent 33 years as a head coach.

"Jayhawks" = 330 (Primes)

"Eclipse" = 33 (Full Reduction)

The last Eclipse fell on 12/4:

In my post on Elon, I pointed out how Musk made his Tweet at 12:04 EST, a number connected to both himself and Twitter:

The University of Kansas = 124, Jayhawks = 124 Francis Bacon

"Jayhawk" = 1240 (English Extended)

Last night’s game fell 121 days (or 17 weeks, 2 days) after the last Total solar eclipse:

Self = 121 and Bill Self =172

Bill Self

Jayhawks has gematria of 98 in the alphabetic order.

"Jayhawks" = 98 (English Ordinal)

University of Kansas coach Bill Self was 98 days after his birthday:

University of Kansas and Bill Self both = 77

This is the gematria of North Carolina.

"North Carolina" = 77 (Reverse Reduction)

Kansas scored 72 points to win the game.

Kansas = 272, Billy Eugene Self Jr. = 272

"Twenty twenty-two" = 272 (English Ordinal)

2160 ÷ 7920 = 0.272 repeating

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