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China Eastern Airlines Flight 5735 Crashes, Killing 132

Today is exactly 239 weeks after the first Great American Eclipse:

239 is the 52nd Prime number

Boeing and Plane crash both = 52

That eclipse occurred on a date with Primary numerology of 66, which left 132 days in the year:

The first multiple of 66 is 132

Today’s crash involving China Eastern Airlines has Primary numerology of 66, matching the airlines’ full name in Reverse:(3) + (21) + (20) + (22) = 66

"China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited" = 606 (Reverse Ordinal)

A total of 132 people are said to have been killed when the plane made by The Boeing Company went down:Chinese airliner carrying 132 people crashes in southern China

"China plane crash" = 132 (English Ordinal)

"The Boeing Company" = 1032 (English Sumerian)

The plane involved was a Boeing 737. Over the past few years, Boeing has found a lot of trouble with regulators after two of their new 737 MAX models crashed – LionAir Flight 610 and Ethiopian Flight 302, forcing the remaining planes to be grounded. Those crashes happened 132 days apart:

These are the same digits in today’s date, March 21st, or 3/21.

"Eastern" = 321 (Jewish)

Just yesterday, the airline turned 12321 days old:

Back in the ’90’s, The Boeing Company cemented its spot atop the western aviation world when it merged with its chief rival. That happened on the 213th day of the year, which is similar to how today’s date, 21/3, is written in China:

Today is 133 days before the anniversary of the Boeing merger:

"Boeing" = 133 (English Extended)

McDonnell Douglas merged with The Boeing Company on August 1st, or 8/1.

McDonnell Douglas = 81, The Boeing Company = 810

Relations to 9/11 & Other Crashes

Somewhat surprisingly, this is actually the third-deadliest airplane crash to ever occur within mainland China. Only once has a Boeing crashed in China with more people on board – that was China Southern 3943 in 1992 (also a 737). Today’s incident occurred in Southern China, but the airline involved was China Eastern.

Today is 117 days after the anniversary of that crash:

"China Eastern" = 117 (English Ordinal)

Today is also a span of 10710 days since that crash. This is somewhat similar to the callsign of today’s fallen craft, which was B-1791. Boeing’s merger was with McDonnell Douglas.

"McDonnell Douglas" = 171 (English Ordinal)

This stands out because it’s also been exactly 1071 weeks since 9/11, the worst combined air disaster in history. Furthermore, today also falls 171 days after China’s National Day:

Today is a span of 177 weeks, 1 day since the LionAir crash and 1107 days since the one involving Ethiopian Airlines:

Today is 17 years, 17 weeks, 1 day after what was previously the worst disaster in China Eastern’s history:

The aircraft was delivered to China Eastern Airlines a span of 17 years, 1 day after its founding:

Today is a span of 107 weeks, 1 day before the next Total Solar Eclipse:

Although September 11th is written 9/11, “Septem” means “Seven” in Latin, as September used to be the 7th month on the Roman calendar. This means the date would be written as 7/11.

The 171st Prime number is 1019
1071 is 9×119

The Romans changed their calendar in the year 153 B.C. Today is 153 days after 10/19 and a span of exactly 1530 weeks since the last major Boeing 737 crash in China.

China Eastern was founded on a date with 119 numerology:(6) + (25) + (88) = 119

I thought it was interesting that today is a span of exactly 119 weeks after 12/10 of 2019, when the COVID pandemic was beginning in “Wuhan, China” = 1210.

When that merger took place, current Chinese president Xi Jinping was 16,119 days old:

The merger happened in the year ’97

Today’s Plane crash occurred 9 years, 7 days after Xi Jinping became the President of China:

"Plane crash" = 97 (English Ordinal)

The flight’s digits were 5735.

"Five seven three five" = 97 (Full Reduction)

Today is 171 days before 9/7.

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