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Vladimir Lenin, Chernobyl, and Vladimir Putin

Needless to say, there is a major conflict going on in Ukraine right now following the Russian invasion on February 24th. Immediately after the invasion, the media was reporting that Russian forces had captured the abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which was the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster in history back in 1986.

It’s difficult for me to imagine why the power plant would be of any strategic importance to Russia, aside from the facility being on its way to Kyiv from the north. However, a brief examination of the numbers reveals a deeper riddle that explains why Chernobyl has been the topic of so much discussion.

The plant’s official name is actually the Vladimir Lenin Nuclear Power Plant, named after Vladimir Lenin, the first leader of the Soviet Union. The current Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is heavily-connected to Lenin. On top of that, the Ukrainian president is named Volodymyr.

Chernobyl / KGB

Putin was born in the oblast named after Lenin, called Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), and graduated from Leningrad University.

"Russia" = 24 (Full Reduction)

Vladimir Putin was born exactly 24 weeks (or 168 days) after Vladimir Lenin’s birthday:

"Vladimir Putin" = 168 (English Ordinal)

Prior to entering politics, Putin was an agent of the KGB for 16 years.

Chernobyl began operations 168 days before the KGB’s 24th anniversary:

Ukraine sums to 24 in Russian.

"Украина" = 24 (RU Full Reduction)

The KGB was founded on March 13th, or 13/03

Vladimir Putin was a span of exactly 1303 weeks old when the power plant opened:

Влади́мир Ле́нин (Vladimir Lenin) = 133 and Влади́мир Пу́тин (Vladimir Putin) = 157

Vladimir Lenin would have been 157 days after his birthday:

Lenin’s real name was actually Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov.

"Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov" = 111 (Full Reduction)

The KGB began operations a span of 11010 days after Lenin’s death:

Lenin died on a date with Primary numerology of 65:(1) + (21) + (19) + (24) = 65

The 65th Prime number is 313
The KGB was founded on March 13th, or 3/13

Jesuit Order

"Nuclear power plant disaster" = 2064 (English Extended)

The Chernobyl disaster occurred on 26/4

If you’ve been following my work lately, you know this is an extremely-significant number connected to this war. It’s also the Ordinal gematria of Lenin’s real name.

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov and Saint Ignatius of Loyola both = 264 and 123

Saint Ignatius of Loyola is recognized as the main founder of the Society of Jesus. He was born on 10/23. The KGB dissolved on December 3rd, or 12/3, and the Chernobyl disaster occurred at 1:23 local time:

Ignatius and several others committed their efforts to the Society on August 15th in 1534, and then formally established the Jesuit Order on September 27th in 1540. Construction on the Chernobyl nuclear plant began on the date August 15th, and it was commissioned into operation on September 26th.

The Jesuit Order was founded a span of exactly 437 years before Chernobyl opened:

This is the Russian Ordinal value of the Committee for State Security, better-known as the KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti).

Комитет государственной безопасности (KGB) = 437 Russian and Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti = 473 English

Construction began in the year ’72. The KGB was founded on the 72nd day of the year:

"Jesuit Order" = 72 (Reverse Reduction)

The Jesuits refuse to operate in more than 112 countries:The society is engaged in evangelization and apostolic ministry in 112 nations

Lenin was born on the 112th day of the year:

Chernobyl began operations on a date with Standard numerology of 112:(9) + (26) + (77) = 112

Putin was born on 10/7. He invaded Ukraine 107 years after the first World War:

Lenin would have been 107 years, 5 months and 4 days old when it opened:

Lenin and Jesuit Order both = 54

The KGB was established in ’54. The “new” KGB, the Federal Security Service, has Ordinal gematria of 504.

Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation

Pearl Harbor / World War Z

Vladimir Lenin Nuclear Power Plant and Moscow, Russia both = 149

149 is the 35th Prime number

"Vladimir Ilyich Lenin" = 305 (Reverse Ordinal)

Russia invaded Ukraine a span of 35 days after the anniversary of Lenin’s death:

It was also a span of 35 years, 305 days after the Chernobyl disaster:

In my first post about the war, I explained how it was connected to Pearl Harbor, as Putin and Biden spoke on the phone on its anniversary.

Putin was born 305 days after the anniversary of Pearl Harbor:

Mysteriously, Russian convoys have been using the Roman letter Z to mark their vehicles and show support for the war:

The film World War Z kicked off the 35th Moscow Film Festival:

That festival was in the year ’13

The festival began 13 months, 13 days after Putin began his second term:

"World War Z" = 103 (Reverse Ordinal)

The Chernobyl disaster occurred exactly 103 months after the plant began operating:

Vladimir Putin was born exactly 130 months after Pearl Harbor:

Pearl Harbor was on December 7th, or 12/7. Putin became the Russian president on May 7th, which is typically the 127th day of the year:

Chernobyl was located just outside of Pripyat, UA.

"Pripyat, UA" = 127 (English Ordinal)

The disaster occurred on a date with Standard numerology of 116, which was also the 116th day of the year:(4) + (26) + (86) = 116 and April 26th is the 116th day of the year

Pripyat, UA = 116 and 911

Chernobyl Construction / Ukraine Invasion

Lenin was born on a date with Primary numerology of 114:(4) + (22) + (18) + (70) = 114

"Lenin" = 114 (Jewish)

The Lenin power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine began construction on another date with Primary numerology of 114:(8) + (15) + (19) + (72) = 114

Pripyat = 1140 Extended, Pripyat, Ukraine = 1104 Sumerian

Lenin was born on 22/4
Putin invaded Ukraine on 2/24
The 224th Prime number is 1423

In English Extended, Chernobyl Power Plant = 2024, Chernobyl, Ukraine = 1423, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant = 2503

Lenin’s April 22nd birthday leaves 253 days in the year:

253 is the 22nd Triangular number
Lenin was born on the 22nd day of the month
Putin invaded Ukraine in ’22

The 22nd Prime number is 79

Putin’s invasion fell 7922 weeks after Lenin’s birth:

Ukraine = 79 and UA = 22 Ordinal

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