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What is the War in Ukraine Really All About?

Whatever you think of the war in Europe right now, one thing is certain – Russia’s invasion into Ukraine is a staged, planned event by the global elite. A classic good guy / bad guy plot has been created, where both the left and right sides of mainstream media have portrayed Russia as the evil aggressor, whereas Ukraine is the innocent victim. To amplify this story arc, Ukraine installed its most popular president ever – Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who rose to fame as an actor.

Despite this war occurring on completely the other side of the world, it has somehow raised prices of goods in America. This is all by design; nations that are self-sufficient are largely unaffected by global affairs, which is not beneficial to those in power. Obviously, this causes concern among the public, who reasonably has a difficult time understanding why they have to pay more for something they’re not involved in.

But this is where it turns into a psychological operation. Those who have stood up and complained about their loss of spending power, which is already crumbling amid record inflation, are now being framed as inconsiderate pricks who have no regard for humanity:

See that? If you’re concerned about your money, you’re a selfish hog. Don’t you see how well you have it? These people don’t have it as well as you, so that means YOU should feel bad for their condition, and YOU should suffer financially because it will SAVE their LIVES.

I ask you – how is this any different than Black Lives Matter? The name “Black Lives Matter” insinuates that it’s actually an issue whether or not they do. Of COURSE they do. Nobody in their right mind would ever argue that they don’t. But if you didn’t agree with their “peaceful” protesting and called it what it was (rioting), then it would be interpreted that maybe you thought they didn’t matter.

Similarly, we OBVIOUSLY do not support war. We OBVIOUSLY don’t support violence on peaceful citizens. Yet, if you don’t agree with a ridiculous foreign policy that allows our economy to crumble due to the actions of one evil dictator, well, then you’re just an anti-human warmonger.

Another blue checkmark, another spineless sheep with zero awareness and zero suspicion about the world he lives in:

Imagine still believing masks actually did anything. Rather comically, the Daily Mail just published an article stating that cloth masks stop less than 10% of particles, rendering them completely useless during a pandemic. Of course, we all knew that already. There’s absolutely zero reason a story like this couldn’t have been published two years ago, but this goes to show you how hell-bent these puppets are at tormenting you for your entire time on this planet.

Before I end this post, let’s all appreciate how appropriate the name Pavlovitz is for this guy living in a state of fear. Pavlov‘s Dogs were used to illustrate how animals could be conditioned using external stimuli. Pavlovitz thinks you should be omitted from society for your refusal to take an experimental treatment because of what he sees on his television.

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