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“Derek” Riddle for March 1st

Today, March 1st, is the incorporation date for Gematrinator 85 Inc. If all goes well, the venture will allow me to focus on what I love for the remainder of my time on this ridiculous plane of existence.

I wasn’t necessarily expecting a synchronicity to occur on this big day, but I should have known better. Consider how my first name is Derek. The most famous person in the world with the name Derek is Hall of Fame Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter:

Gematrinator.com first went live in January of 2017, meaning it’s been about 5 years. Yesterday, Jeter stepped down from his business venture after 5 years:Derek Jeter steps down as Marlins CEO after 5 years

Gematria and Jeter both = 233

When it comes to the topic of Gematria, one of the most significant numbers is 47. This is the number I began my Anarchadelphia presentation discussing, and the number Zach Hubbard put on his “Learn Gematria” bumper sticker:

What is 47? It’s the number that connects Derek Jeter to The Marlins.

"Derek Jeter" = 47 (Full Reduction)

"The Marlins" = 47 (Full Reduction)

He announced his decision at the age of 47 years, 247 days:

In English gematria, Forty-seven sums to 1616.

"Forty-seven" = 1616 (English Extended)

Jeter stepped down a span of 1616 days after buying a stake in the team:

Jeter was born in the year ’74

Simple, English, and Gematria all = 74 Ordinal

"Seventy-four" = 1916 (English Extended)

I was still 1916 weeks old on the date of his announcement:

Mercury Riddles

Jeter was the CEO of the Marlins, which has matching gematria with Mercury, which is the planet that rules my birth sign (Gemini).

Marlins and Mercury both = 103 and 86

Today is the 1st of March, or 1/3.

Derek Michael J Tikkuri = 130 and 95

Today is 95 days before my next birthday:

Magic Square

My Birthday is June 4th, or 6/04.

Birthday = 604 Jewish

There are a total of 64 squares in the Magic Square of Mercury:

If you add up all 64 Squares, you get a sum of 2080. In the Square number cipher, my common name sums to 2080.

"Derek Tikkuri" = 2080 (Squares)

In that same cipher, Mercury sums to 1917.

"Mercury" = 1917 (Squares)

I turn exactly 1917 weeks old today:

Mercury is important to the dissemination of new information as he is the god of messengers. He’s also the god of travelers – recall how JFK, who was the victim in the biggest “Mercury” ritual of all-time, was born in 1917 and died 1917 days after the FAA was founded. Derek Jeter made his Major League debut on JFK’s birthday.

Jeter was born on 6/26

"Planet Mercury" = 626 (Satanic)

Eclipse Code

The Magic Square of Mercury is 8×8. Mercury’s orbital period is 87.97 (or 88) days. Today is 87 (or a span of 88) days after the last Total solar eclipse:

88 days is also 12 weeks, 4 days. That last eclipse fell on December 4th, or 12/04:

"Planet Mercury" = 1024 (Jewish)

"Derek" = 124 (English Extended)

My business partner and I are both 36, meaning our combined age is 72.

Planet Mercury = 63 and 72

If we instead measure to the next Total solar eclipse, which I will be witnessing, we get 25 months, 7 days:

Gematrinator Eighty-Five and Total solar eclipse both = 257

Today is the 60th day of the year:

"Gematrinator" = 60 (Full Reduction)

The next Eclipse of any kind falls 60 days from today:

"Jeter 2" = 60 (English Ordinal)


So how much of this was actually planned? Very little. Within the past couple of weeks I picked March 1st out because I would be 1917 weeks old on 1/03 and “Mercury” = 1917103, but the rest fell into place on its own. Needless to say, Derek Jeter was not consulted for this decision.

This is in line with my theory about numerology – while some things are indeed planned and manufactured, the Matrix we live in will feed you synchronicity in return. For instance, the result of a sports game might be rigged, but the connections we see to the numbers in the box score may not be. In any case, one thing appears to be true – action is rewarded.

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