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Man Who Took Hostages at Synagogue Dead After Standoff

Texas synagogue accused hostage taker was British national

Today’s incident occurred in Colleyville, Texas, which is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Notice how this city has remarkable overlap with the QB of the Cowboys, Dakota Rayne “Dak” Prescott.

Colleyville = 132 and 165, Colleyville, Texas = 231 and 66. Dak Prescott = 132, 165, and 66, Rayne Dakota Prescott = 231

Dak’s coach, Mike McCarthy, has matching gematria with Synagogue.

Mike McCarthy and Synagogue both = 129

As nobody other than the assailant was injured or killed, the story was just about a Hostage situation.

Hostage situation

The 68th Prime number is 337

Today is the first day of McCarthy’s 3037th week of age, or a span of 68 days after his birthday:

Today, the date of Dak’s first playoff game, is the 16th day of the year, written 1/16:

Dak = 16, Prescott = 116

The Super Bowl takes place 2,116 days after Dak was drafted:

The last time his coach Mike McCarthy won the Super Bowl was on 2/6/11. His QB at the time was Aaron Rodgers, who had also been drafted 2,116 days before that game.


Dak plays against the San Francisco Forty-niners today.

San Francisco Forty-niners

The hostage situation occurred at a congregation at Beth Israel by a British national. Notice now this sums to 99, like Thirteen, which McCarthy’s full name matches.

Beth Israel = 99, Thirteen = 99, British national = 99, Michael John McCarthy = 99 and 1399

Dak Prescott is 10399 days old today:

Today is a span of 195 days before his next birthday:

Texas synagogue = 195, Mike McCarthy = 195, Jerral Wayne Jones = 195

In 2018, we had a mass shooting event at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh = 130 and Steelers = 103

Super Bowl 13 pitted the Cowboys against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who also won the Super Bowl 13 years ago. Today, both the Steelers and Eagles, the other team from Pennsylvania, are playing in their 1300th games in franchise history.

Ben Roethlisberger enters the game with 13 career playoff victories, and the Steelers, who have 13 road losses in the postseason, will be looking for their 13th road win. Their opponent, Kansas City, has 13 wins against the Steelers all-time. 13 is the 6th Prime number – Ben has 6 road playoff wins, while Mahomes has 6 home playoff wins. If the Chiefs win, it will be their 523rd franchise victory – that’s the 99th Prime number, which is the value of Thirteen in Ordinal.

The Eagles, meanwhile, have 13 road losses in the postseason. Brady will be looking for his 13th home win with the Buccaneers, who have 6 home playoff wins.

Matt Stafford will be looking for his 13th win with “L.A.” = 13 today. Yesterday, Buffalo got their 13th home playoff victory by handing Bill Belichick his 13th career postseason loss, and New England their 13th road playoff loss, exactly 13 weeks before his birthday. Bills’ TE “Dawson Knox” = 130 had a big game at 1313 weeks of age.  Joe Burrow improved his career record to 13-13 with a win over Las Vegas in Rich Bisaccia’s 13th game as Raiders’ head coach.


This year’s Super Bowl is 56. The 56th Prime number is 263.

Colleyville and Gregory Wayne Abbott both = 263

It’s 11 months, 4 weeks after the anniversary of him taking office. “Synagogue” = 114, “Hostage” = 114.

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