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Rod Stewart Collaborator Robin Le Mesurier Dies @ 68

Guitarist Robin Le Mesurier who played with Rod Stewart and The Wombles dies aged 68: Rocker son of Dad's Army star John Le Mesurier loses cancer battle six years after joining Faces reunion tour

Remember, no one truly loses a battle with cancer. The best cancer can do is to earn a draw.

Robin Le Mesurier = 222 Reverse and 705 Jewish

Robin Le Mesurier died on December 22nd, or 12/22, a date with Primary numerology of 75:(12) + (22) + (20) + (21) = 75

Rod Stewart

Le Mesurier was a collaborator with Rod Stewart during the 1980’s.

He signed with Stewart’s label, Riva Records, in ’76. The passing this Guitar player made the headlines yesterday, a date with Primary numerology of 76:(12) + (23) + (20) + (21) = 76

"Guitar" = 76 (English Ordinal)

Human sacrifice and Blood sacrifice both = 76 in Single Reduction

Rod Stewart is currently 76 years old:

Robin died a span of 41 days after Stewart’s last album:

"Guitar" = 41 (Reverse Reduction)

41 is the 13th Prime number. He died a span of exactly 13 weeks before his own birthday, and a span of 130 days before the next Solar Eclipse.

Le Mesurier died at the age of 25,113 days old, when he was 275 days after his birthday:

Sir Roderick David Stewart = 113, 275, and 346

Rod Stewart was 346 days after his birthday:

Johnny Hallyday

Although Rod Stewart may have been the most famous collaboration partner for Le Mesurier, he actually spent a lot more time working with Johnny Hallyday, a French artist who died back in 2017.

News of Robin’s death was published on the 23rd, which fell a span of 4 years, 19 days after Hallyday’s death:

This syncs up with his full birth name.

Robin Mark Le Mesurier Halliley

419 is the 81st Prime number

Le Mesurier was born on March 22nd, the 81st day of the year:

The two musicians died 211 weeks apart:

"Robin" = 211 (English Extended)

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 211 (English Ordinal)

211 is the 47th Prime number

Hallyday is credited with bringing rock and roll music to France.

"France" = 47 (English Ordinal)

Killing = 47 K Exception and 211 Primes

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