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Pat McAfee Announces Partnership With FanDuel

Reports: Pat McAfee, FanDuel strike massive sponsorship deal for popular radio show

"McAfee" = 129 (Reverse Ordinal)

Patrick Justin McAfee announced his $120 million deal with FanDuel on 12/9, or December ninth.

Patrick Justin McAfee and December ninth both = 120

His full name also sums to 78 and 204. “Ninth of December” = 78.

Patrick Justin McAfee = 204 and 78, The Pat McAfee Show = 78

Today is a span of 7 months, 8 days after his birthday (or 20 weeks, 4 days before his next):

“666” Riddle

Whether this is an organic manifestation of a hard-working individual, or some bizarre numeric ritual by the sports industry, the number 666 is heavily-coded into this announcement. Back in June, I made this post which explained McAfee’s numerous gematria connections to 666, which is revealed as the number of the Beast in the book of Revelation.

That post was about the death of software mogul John McAfee. The book of Revelation was written by John of Patmos about the Second coming of God’s son.

Patmos, Second coming, and God's son all = 331 in Jewish gematria

Pat McAfee = 331, December ninth = 331

Today is a span of 3 years, 3 months, 10 days after McAfee left Barstool Sports:

Today is also a span of 1197 days after Pat left Barstool.

In Jewish, Six six six = 1197 and Six hundred sixty-six = 2038

It’s been a span of 238 days since McAfee was hired by WWE as their new SmackDown commentator:

Patrick McAfee = 666 and Patrick = 666 Reverse

“Ninth of December” = 666

Pat McAfee = 211, Patrick McAfee = 313, Six hundred sixty-six = 211, Six hundred threescore and six = 313

McAfee and Beast both = 198

He was born in the year ’87.

"Patrick Justin McAfee" = 87 (Single Reduction)

Six six six and Number of the Beast both = 87

"Pat McAfee Show" = 999 (English Extended)

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