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Adam Abdul-Jabbar Sentenced to 6 Months in Prison for Stabbing

Adam Abdul-Jabbar, son of Kareem, sentenced to 6 months in jail for stabbing neighbor

"Abdul-Jabbar" = 74 (English Ordinal)

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar turned 74 years old earlier this year:

"Stabbing" = 74 (English Ordinal)

Last year, his son of was arrested for Stabbing an elderly neighbor.

Adam’s sentencing fell exactly 74 weeks after the Stabbing:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar famously changed his name in the early 70’s after converting to Islam. His birth name was Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, which has gematria of 1420.

"Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor" = 1420 (Jewish)

The name of the victim, Ray Winsor, has matching 142 and 52 gematria with Stabbing.

Ray Winsor and Stabbing both = 142 and 52

Adam was sentenced on November 9th, the date leaving 52 days in the year:

Imagine taking any life advice from someone who raised a monster like this. Hilariously, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has played a large role in big pharma’s campaign to inoculate the citizenry by shaming athletes who have taken stances against it:

How convenient that a guy with the last name JABbar wants you to take the Jab. And now his son is out in the street, JABbing old men with a knife?

Adam Abdul-Jabbar was born in 1992.

"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar" = 1992 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has matching gematria with Stabbing.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar = 251 Franc Baconis and Stabbing = 251 Jewish

251 is the 54th Prime number. Kareem is a convert to Islam.

"Islam" = 54 (English Ordinal)

Kareem was 54 days after his birthday when his son stabbed a guy:

Eclipse Code

Kareem was the first overall pick in the ’69 NBA Draft. His son’s stabbing incident allegedly occurred on June 9th last year, or 6/9.


Kareem wore #33 for his entire playing career:

News of the decision fell 3 weeks, 3 days before the next Total Eclipse:

Adam’s sentencing fell exactly 330 days after the last Total Eclipse, on 9/11:

That eclipse was the same date the COVID vaccine was first approved for emergency usage.

The Greek phrase for “total eclipse” sums to 911 in Isopsephy:

Lew Alcindor and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar both = 116

911 is the 156th Prime number

"Thirty-three" = 156 (English Ordinal)

In the recent film Dune, there is a needle called the Gom Jabbar that brings immediate death upon injection.

Dune is 156 minutes long
Kareem played in 1560 career games
He was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks and Eclipse the Sun both = 156 Ordinal

An Eclipse always occurs 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases after the last one. The Hebrew word for Eclipse sums to 156:

This story is about the son of Abdul-Jabbar.

Abdul-Jabbar and The Sun both = 443

The Sun is an average of ~93 million miles from Earth.

Adam Abdul-Jabbar = 93 and 39, Eclipse = 39

Kareem was born in ’47. The Sun has a 47° range of declination from the summer to winter solstice. This is the 15th Prime number, and it took exactly 1 year, 5 months to sentence “Adam Abdul-Jabbar” = 105 to prison.

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