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Joe Biden Repeats “Debunked” Amtrak Story

Biden keeps telling bizarre Amtrak story that was already debunked

It seems like FOX is claiming the story is a lie, even though it seems possible Biden’s memory was only off by one year. Either way, is this the kind of stuff the people over at RNC Research really spend their time on?

So why is Joe Biden telling a silly story about Amtrak?

Joe Biden and Amtrak both = 64 and 44

The name of the person in question is Angelo Negri.

Negri died 190 days after Joe’s birthday:

Angelo Negri = 62 and 190, Amtrak = 19, Train = 62

He retired from Amtrak in 1993, which was 28 years ago.

"Amtrak" = 28 (Full Reduction KV)

When it comes to dishonest stories, one would expect to find the number 113, which appears to be the most significant number of deception:

113 is the 30th Prime number

"Joe" = 30 (English Ordinal)

Today is 30 days before Joe’s birthday:

Today can be written 21/10. Biden’s birthday is 11/20.
It’s the year ’21, and he was born in ’42.

"Twenty-one" = 42 (Full Reduction)

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