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Wisconsin Celebrates Bob Uecker Day

Wisconsin governor Tony Evers has declared today to be Bob Uecker Day here in the state:

If you grew up in Milwaukee as a baseball fan, there’s no question that Bob Uecker is one of your favorite people in the world. An absolute legend, Brewers fans have been blessed to be able to flip the radio on and listen to this man call a baseball game for over 50 years.

Today is 242 days after Bob Uecker’s birthday:

Milwaukee Brewers = 242 Reverse and Francis Bacon

"Brewers radio announcer" = 242 (English Ordinal)

The current owner of The Milwaukee Brewers is Mark L. Attanasio, who bought the team for $223 million.

Mark L. Attanasio and The Milwaukee Brewers both = 223

Measuring from his date of birth, Uecker is a span of 32020 days old (or exactly 1052 months):

"Radio announcer" = 152 (English Ordinal)

In Jewish gematria, Radio announcer sums to 603, representing 63 in numerology.


Bob Uecker might have better numbers for calling Milwaukee Brewers baseball games than I have for making gematria posts.

Bob Uecker and Milwaukee both = 37 and 53

His full name sums to 99 in both Reduction methods.

Robert George Uecker = 99 in both Reduction methods

This is the value of Brewers and Uecker in Reverse, as well as Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the S Exception.

Brewers and Uecker both = 99 and 36

"Milwaukee, Wisconsin" = 99 (Single Reduction)

Bob Uecker has only called one World Series for the Milwaukee Brewers. It happened in the year 82.

"Bob Uecker" = 82 (English Ordinal)

"Milwaukee Brewers" = 82 (Single Reduction)

"Radio announcer" = 82 (Reverse Reduction)

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