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Mike Richards Resigns from Jeopardy! Hosting Gig

Mike Richards steps down as 'Jeopardy!' host amid accusations, will remain executive producer

The previous host of Jeopardy!, whose real name was George Trebek, died on November 8th, or 11/8. The show then named Mike Richards as his permanent replacement on August 11th, the other date written 11/8.

George Trebek and Mike Richards both = 118 Ordinal

This is a number frequently found in stories about someone’s Death.

Death and Homicide both = 118 Jewish

In that Jewish cipher, Trebek’s full name sums to 812.

"George Alexander Trebek" = 812 (Jewish)

On the date his replacement was announced, George Alexander Trebek would have been 81 years, 20 days old:

Their names also share a 64 in Reduction.

George Trebek and Mike Richards both = 64 Reduction

Richards agreed to vacate his new job a little more than a week later on August 20th. That date fell 40 weeks, 6 days after Trebek died, and Mike Richards was 46 years, 46 days old:

“Michael Richards” Riddle

Mike Richards shares a first and last name with another famous actor, Michael Richards, who was best-known for playing Kramer on the sitcom Seinfeld. That Michael Richards also suffered a fall from grace when he was “cancelled” as a stand-up comic following a racist on-stage tirade back in 2006.

Kramer = 206 Jewish, Mike Richards and George Trebek both = 206 Reverse

Michael Richards was born on July 24th, written 7/24:

Michael Richards was a span of exactly 72 years, 4 weeks old when Mike Richards resigned:

July 24th can also be written as 24/07.

On the date he stepped down from his new hosting role, Mike Richards was a span of exactly 2407 weeks old:

Their shared name Michael Richards sums to 274 in Reverse.

"Michael Richards" = 274 (Reverse Ordinal)

Michael Richards has Reduction gematria of 77.

"Michael Richards" = 77 (Full Reduction)

Mike Richards resigned from his new role exactly 770 weeks after Michael Richards’ regrettable incident at the Laugh Factory:

When Mike Richards stepped down as the New Jeopardy! Host, comedian Michael Richards was 72 years, 27 days old:

New Jeopardy! host = 72, 72, and 207

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