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Mass Shooting in Downtown Austin Injures 13

Austin mass shooting: 13 injured, 2 critical after gunfire erupts in downtown entertainment district

Another mass shooting in the headlines today – this time, the news comes from Downtown Austin‘s Entertainment district on a date with Primary numerology of 59:(6) + (12) + (20) + (21) = 59

"Downtown Austin" = 59 (Full Reduction)

"Entertainment" = 59 (Full Reduction)

59 is the 17th Prime number

Kill = 17 Reduction, 59 Jewish

Today’s shooting fell 17 days after the 5/26 lunar eclipse:

"Shooting" = 107 (English Ordinal)

The shooting in Austin, Texas fell 107 days before the anniversary of the Jesuit Order:

Austin, Texas and Jesuit Order both = 144 and 153. Austin and Jesuit both = 84 and 78

That lunar eclipse on 5/26/2021 was a highly-significant one. The last time I could remember Austin, Texas being in the news for a mass casualty incident was this stabbing spree in January of 2020.

This morning’s shooting fell 526 days after the stabbing incident:

The Moon

As the headline states, 13 people were injured. Gunfire even first broke out on Sixth Street at 1:30 a.m.:The incident unfolded around 1:30 a.m. along 6th Street, a popular area filled with bars and restaurants

"Sixth Street" = 130 (Reverse Ordinal)

One of the worst shootings in American history happened in Texas in 2019.

Today’s date is 1 year, 313 days after the El Paso, TX shooting at a Walmart:

13 is a highly-significant number to the Moon, which has 13 lunar phases every year. The word “Moon” begins with the 13th letter and ends with the 13th letter in Reverse.

The Moon and Thirteen = 99

Metonic Cycle

The word Moon has Satanic gematria of 197.

"Moon" = 197 (Satanic)

This is the Reverse value of Downtown shooting.

Downtown shooting, Metonic cycle, and Nineteen years all = 197 Reverse

"Abbott" = 197 (Primes)

The Moon’s most significant cycle may be the Metonic cycle, which is Nineteen years long. This phrase has also matching gematria with Austin’s mayor, Steve Adler.

Metonic cycle and Stephen Ira Adler both = 668

The Metonic cycle is a period of 235 lunar phases.

"Downtown shooting" = 235 (English Ordinal)

This Downtown shooting fell on mayor Adler’s 2350th day in office. It’s also been 2335 days since Texas governor Greg Abbott took his seat in Austin:

The other most significant Moon cycle is the Saros cycle. Search my blog for “Greg Abbott” and you will find a myriad of posts connecting him to the number 223, which is how many months are in the Saros, and is the Hebrew value for “The Moon”. Abbott was 3220 weeks, 3 days old for the El Paso shooting.

Greg Abbott is a span of 23,223 days old today:

Gregory Wayne Abbott = 223 English, 2230 Jewish, and 223 KFW Kabbalah

“The Moon” = 99, “Greg” = 99. Abbott was born in ‘57 and became governor at the age of 57 in ‘15.

Moon = 57 and 15, Abbott = 15

The name Abbott syncs up with today’s 6/12 date.

"Abbott" = 612 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Other Major Shootings

Today’s shooting is highly-connected to major school shootings as well. We begin with the fact that the Sandy Hook shooting occurred on December 14th, or 12/14, which was also the date of last year’s major total eclipse. The 2018 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas happened primarily in room 1214.

Then, also in 2018, I made this post that explained how another major school shooting, this one at Santa Fe High School in Texas, happened 1214 days after Greg Abbott took office.

Today is 1214 days after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting:

Don’t forget today is also 5 years to the day after the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting on 6/12/2016. That event had similar imagery to this morning’s, as both occurred in busy nightlife districts after midnight.

Today is also a span of years, 181 days after the Sandy Hook shooting. The first major school shooting in American history was the Austin clock tower shooting, which occurred on 8/1, the same date as the Midland-Odessa shooting in 2019.

Today is a span of 316 days after the anniversary of the Austin Clock Tower shooting:

"Austin clock tower shooting" = 316 (English Ordinal)

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