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Organic Numerology of Organic Matrix Post

Last year, I made this post and this video about the freakish numerology connecting the 1998 death of a classmate, whose name was Michael Bay, to director Michael Bay, whose 1998 film Armageddon vaulted his career.

The reason I believe things like this are probably organic is because it’s so difficult to find the end of the synchronicities. As I’ll explore below, there’s even a fascinating numeric riddle with the date I made the post.

This sync involves lead Mazzy Star guitarist / producer David Roback. Mazzy Star is connected to this tragedy for me because I had always associated the song Fade Into You with hearing the news of the plane crash.

However, for seven years after that day, I never actually knew the name of the song. I was so excited to finally find the name of it in 2005, a 20-year-old me made a blog post on my online journal (click to enlarge):

This post is funny – check out the last line:

“So thus, the search ends at last. Maybe it means something, though I’m sure it doesn’t. Just another mathematical oddity that pops up in my life, I suppose.”

I find this wildly entertaining. Even in 2005, I was able to recognize that my life was full of numerical “coincidences,” but I was still conditioned to think that they didn’t really mean anything.

Yesterday, I learned that David Roback passed away in February of 2020. I found it intriguing that he died the same year as I made my post and video, so I measured between the dates.

David Roback died 207 days before my post about the plane crash:

"David Roback" = 207 (Reverse Ordinal)

Why does this match up with the Reverse value and not Ordinal? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that his full name has matching 1198 with my full name and Reverse gematria.

David Edward Roback = 1198 Extended, Derek Michael J Tikkuri and Reverse gematria both = 1198 Jewish

The date he died stood out – 2/24 made me think of the 2024 total solar eclipse I talk so much about.

Roback died 1505 days, or a span of 1506, before that eclipse. I was born on the 155th day of the year, but my birthday last year was on the 156th day:

He had Primary birth numerology of 85, connecting to ‘85, my year of birth:(4) + (4) + (19) + (58) = 85

David Roback has matching gematria with The Moon, which in turn syncs up with my last name.

David Roback = 90, The Moon = 90, Tikkuri = 90

The Moon has a 57° range of declination.

"Moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)

57 + the 57th Prime number (269) = 326

I noticed Roback was born on the 4th of the month, like me. Our birthdays are exactly 326 months apart, and Roback died 326 days after his birthday:

There’s definitely more to unpack, but I think I made my point. For instance, check out the date I made my original post about the song in 2005 – June 10th, or 10/6, exactly 16 years before the first arch eclipse I’ve been talking about this year. Roback’s death fell 106 days before the date June 10th.

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