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Death of Craig Grant – Connection to Susan Lewis

In my last post, I showed how the death of an actor from the TV series Oz was connected to Dr. Oz, The Wizard of Oz, and rapper 50 Cent’s beef with Young Buck.

muMs da Schemer died at the age of 52.

"muMs da Schemer" = 52 (Full Reduction)

The creator of Oz is Tom Fontana.

"Tom Fontana" = 52 (Reverse Reduction)

Fontana’s wife, Sagan Lewis, was born in the year ‘52. She passed away from cancer a few years ago. Their relationship was rather unique – their first marriage ended in 1993, but they got re-married about a year before her death.

Look at how well her name overlaps with Craig Grant’s:

Susan Jane Lewis = 172, Craig Grant = 172

Susan Lewis and muMs da Schemer both = 142 Ordinal

"Eclipse sacrifice" = 142 (English Ordinal)

Craig Grant was born in ‘68 and died on a date with Primary numerology of 68:(3) + (24) + (20) + (21) = 68

"Lewis" = 68 (English Ordinal)

Lewis would have been 68 years old when Craig Grant died:

He died on the 83rd day of the year:

"Sagan Lewis" = 803 (English Extended)

When he died, Grant was a span of 19090 days old:

199 is the 46th Prime number

Sagan Lewis = 460 Satanic, Susan Jane Lewis = 46 and 206, Sacrifice = 46 and 206

Craig Grant died a span of 16 weeks, 3 days after the anniversary of Sagan Lewis’s death:

Craig Grant played Arnold Jackson on Oz. My post also shows how his death was connected to Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) and Bashar Jackson (Pop Smoke) through the numbers 163 and 38. 50  Cent was 16300 days old when Pop Smoke was killed.

Sagan Lewis = 1163 and 38, Curtis Jackson = 163 and Pop Smoke = 38

Her death fell a span of 380 days before the first Great American Eclipse:

Eclipse / 666 Coding

Sagan Lewis passed away 1690 days before Craig Grant:

169 is the Ordinal value of Dr. Oz’s full name.

"Mehmet Cengiz Oz" = 169 (English Ordinal)

169 is 13×13

News of Grant’s death fell 1313 days after the first Great American Total Solar Eclipse:

"Oz" = 13 (Reverse Ordinal)

The 13th Fibonacci number is 233

That eclipse was on the 233rd day of the year:

"Wizard of Oz" = 2330 (English Extended)

A primary eclipse number is 666. That news was also 6606 days after the last episode of Oz. My last post shows a myriad of other connections with that number. Sagan Lewis died on August 7th, or 8/7.

Six six six and Number of the Beast both = 87

Her death fell 6966 days after the show Oz first debuted:

6×6×6 = 216
Sagan Lewis died in 2016
2016 is the 63rd Triangular number

Sagan Lewis died a span of exactly 36 weeks after her 63rd birthday:

The Wizard of Oz was written by L. Frank Baum.

L Frank Baum = 63 and 36

The 36th Triangular number is 666666 is known as the Number of the Beast.

Number of the Beast

When Sagan Lewis died, Craig Grant was 17400 days old:

Grant would have been 20200 days old on the date of the second Great American Eclipse. 22 is 11+11 and he died 1111 days before it.

The ultimate eclipse number is 1331. The 1331 eclipse occurred on November 30th, which was Sagan Lewis’s birthday.

Thirteen thirty-one eclipse & November thirtieth = 1331 in Jewish gematria

The number 1331 does not appear in succession within the digits of Pi until the 16019th digit. I mentioned this recently when pointing out that Anthony Fauci was 16019 days old when he took over at NIAID.

"Sixteen thousand and nineteen" = 1331 (Jewish)

Sagan Lewis and Craig Grant were born a span of 16 years, 19 days apart:

The full name of the author of The Wizard of Oz is Lyman Frank Baum.

"Lyman Frank Baum" = 1331 (English Extended)

He died in 1919.

"One thousand three hundred thirty-one" = 1919 (Jewish)

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