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Tetris Champ Jonas Neubauer Dies Suddenly @ 39

Only a small handful of video games have survived my teens and 20’s and still get played in my 30’s. Tetris is one of those games I still throw on once in a while (NES personal best: 392,469).

As a YouTube user, it was impossible not to learn about the Classic Tetris World Championships, which was dominated by Jonas Neubauer up until recent years. Today, we woke up to news that he suddenly passed away, having no known health issues:

Dead and End both = 14 Reduction

Jonas died on 1/4/2021.

Jonas = 14 and 221

"The Tetris Company" = 221 (Reverse Ordinal)

Wikipedia lists his date of death as January 5th, which is 104 days before his birthday.

In early February, Tom Brady will be playing for his 7th Super Bowl ring. Jonas, who is wearing an NFL jersey in his Wiki photo, was a 7-time Tetris champion. 7 is the 4th Prime number, and Tetris is a game of 4-block pieces. Jonas died on the 4th day of the year.

"Jonas Neubauer" = 47 (Full Reduction)

Although he collapsed on the 4th, Wikipedia says he died on January 5th, a date with Primary numerology of 47:(1) + (5) + (20) + (21) = 47

47 is the 15th Prime number

Both 1/4 and 1/5 are exactly 105 days (or 15 weeks) before his birthday:

January 5th could be written 1/5/21
1521 is 39 squared
Jonas was 39 years of age

"NES Tetris" = 39 (Full Reduction)

The rest of this post may be disregarded. I had gotten Jonas’s birthday from this bio, which listed it as November 21st. This page had it listed as November 27th, but both appear to be wrong.

Wikipedia has also changed his birthday since I originally made this post. It appears to have been sourced from this Tweet.

“Kill” Code

Jonas was a seven-time champion of the Classic Tetris World Championships, or CTWC.

Jonas and CTWC both = 59

The word kill sums to 59 and 44.

Kill = 59 and 44

Jonas died 44 days after his birthday:

"Tetris" = 44 (Reverse Reduction)

"Kaaawa, Hawaii" = 44 (Full Reduction)

Tetris is a game of 4-block pieces. His death on the 4th day of the year in Ka’a’awa, Hawaii fell 4 years, 321 days before his 44th birthday.

In Hebrew, kill and murder sum to 46, the English value of sacrifice. Jonas’s death fell on a date with Primary numerology of 46:(1) + (4) + (20) + (21) = 46

"להרוג (to kill)" = 46 (Hebrew Ordinal) "רצח (murder)" = 46 (Hebrew Ordinal)

"Sacrifice" = 46 (Full Reduction)

His death fell exactly 46 weeks before his next birthday:

The 46th Triangular number is 1081

"The Tetris Company" = 1081 (Jewish)

Jesus Numbers

Jonas appeared to be universally adored by the Tetris community. After watching a few clips of his interviews and streams this morning, it’s clear his positivity had a strong influence on those who looked up to him. As we have come to learn, this type of energy in our world is represented both phonetically and numerically.

Jonas Neubauer sums to 146 in Ordinal.

Jonas Neubauer, Jesus Christ, and J Neubauer all = 146

It’s believed that Jesus was crucified in 33 A.D.

"Neubauer" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Neubauer’s YouTube channel was JonasTeh81.

JonasTeh81 and Jesus both = 515 English Extended

"Jesus" = 29 (Single Reduction)

January 4th was 29 days after this year’s CTWC Finals, which Jonas missed by one round:

He was in his 14,290th day since birth:

Jonas Neubauer = 290 Franc Baconis, Christ = 290 Jewish

The second coming of Christ is mentioned 318 times in the New Testament. The 318th Prime number is 2111, like Jonas’s 21/11 birthday.

He died on January 4th.

January fourth and Jesus both = 74 and 61

Perhaps the most famous Bible verse about Jesus is John 3:16:For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

In Hebrew, Jesus sums to 316

Jonas was 3016 days old when Tetris was released in EU (the only confirmed NES release date available). He then died 316 days after the anniversary of that same date:

Tetris was released in America in November of ’89, or 11/89. There are 1189 chapters in the Bible.

Tetris’s EU release date of 2/23/90 represents 2239, which is the 333rd Prime number.

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