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Tonight’s MNF Matchup is a Tribute to the Great Conjunction

There will be one NFL game played tonight on Monday Night Football, featuring the Cincinnati Bengals against the Pittsburgh Steelers:

Pittsburgh Steelers = 243 Ordinal and Reverse

Great Conjunction = 243, 189, and 90

The Cincinnati Bengals = 189, 90, and 351

Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn = 351 Ordinal and Reverse

Notice how the Steelers enter the game with a record of 11-2. The inverse of 112 is 211. A Great Conjunction is a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

"Saturn and Jupiter" = 211 (English Ordinal)

The Bengals, meanwhile, have a record of 2-10-1.

"Jupiter conjunct Saturn" = 2101 (English Extended)

The game will be played in the state of Ohio, whose flag reminds us of the symbol for the Great Conjunction:

The Steelers’ quarterback is named Big Ben, reminding us of the famous clock tower in London. Today’s conjunction is on 12/21.

"Clock tower" = 1221 (Jewish)

Ben = 12 and 21

Wikipedia’s current image of Big Ben shows the clock face at 6:20 pm:

Today’s Great Conjunction occurs at 6:20 UTC. Big Ben is located in the UTC time zone. Also notice how twenty-first of December sums to 2020:

"Twenty-first of December" = 2020 (Jewish)

The Bengals are striped, much like the planet Jupiter. The symbol of Jupiter looks like the number 24:

The Bengals scored 24 points, for the first time in 24 games:

Pittsburgh’s final series began on, and ended on, the 24 yard-line. Bengals coach Zac Taylor, whose 2 seasons had only yielded 4 wins, still has 24 career losses. The Bengals sealed the game with a field goal by Austin Seibert, who is a Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. He just turned 24 years old 36 days ago:24 Years, 36 Days

"Jupiter" = 36 (Full Reduction)

Note how A. Seibert has gematria of 1221, like the date of the game:

"A Seibert" = 1221 (Squares)

A. Seibert, with Jupiter conjunct Saturn, to beat the team of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"A Seibert" = 292 (Jewish)"Jupiter conjunct Saturn" = 292 (English Ordinal)"Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania" = 292 (English Ordinal)

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