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Will Trump “Rise” Tomorrow?

Yesterday, I explained how the announcement of Joe Biden as president-elect was the ultimate eclipse sacrifice. The crucifixion code is of course rooted in the story of Jesus, as is detailed in that post.

Of course, Jesus rises on the third day following the crucifixion. While my predictions shouldn’t be trusted, I think it’s worth pointing out that not only was there a major “Jesus” riddle on the date the media announced Trump’s presidency would end, but there appears to be another one for three days later, November 10th.

November 10th, which falls a span of exactly 51 weeks after Joe Biden’s birthday, will be the date leaving 51 days in the year:

"Rise" = 51 (English Ordinal)

Trump will still be 74 years old, and he will be 7 months, 4 days before his next birthday:

Jesus = 74 Ordinal, 61 Reverse

The date will have Primary numerology of 61:(11) + (10) + (20) + (20) = 61

Election fraud = 61 and 74 Reduction

November 10th is written 11/10 in the United States.

"Donald John Trump" = 1110 (English Sumerian)

The 10th will also have a Life Lesson number of 25:(11) + (10) + 2+0+2+0 = 25

Trump and Biden both = 25 Reduction

It will be 71 / 72 days before Inauguration Day. “Donald John Trump” = 710, “President Trump” = 72.

"Donald John Trump" = 977 (English Extended)

977 is the 165th Prime number. Trump’s birthday falls on the 165th day of the year:Day of Year: (Jun-14)

Resurrection = 165 and 159, Donald Trump

Donald was born on 14/6/1946 and took office in 2017.

Death and Resurrection of Jesus = 146 Single Reduction and 1946 Jewish, Jesus Christ Resurrection = 2017 Jewish

Also worth noting, in light of Donald Trump fighting election fraud in the courts

Donald Trump = 523 Satanic, Election fraud and Courts both = 523 Jewish

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