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Kamala Harris Suspends Travel in Wake of Staffers’ Diagnosis

Biden campaign halts Kamala Harris' travel after two people in campaign's orbit test positive for coronavirus

Kamala Harris has the disease’s number, 19, in her gematria.

"Kamala Devi Harris" = 109 (Reverse Reduction)

19 squared is 361

Today is 361 days after Kamala Harris’s birthday:

Notice the odd choice of the word orbit in CNN’s headline.

"Orbit" = 361 (English Extended)

This story falls a span of 66 days after Harris became Biden’s VP choice:

Corona = 66 Ordinal and 224 Jewish

She was chosen on August 11th, which was the 224th day of the year:

Today is October 15th, written 15/10. News of Covid in Kamala’s campaign was published the same day Trump’s campaign account on Twitter was blocked.

"Campaign" = 151 (Jewish)

Trump is now accusing the left of election interference.

"Trump" = 88 (English Ordinal)

"ELECTION INTERFERENCE" = 880 (English Extended)

This 88 is attributed in the headline. Notice the Reduction value of 331, which syncs up with Kamala Harris in Jewish.

Kamala Harris' travel halted after two in campaign's orbit test positive for Covid-19 = 808 Ordinal and 331 Reduction

"Kamala Harris" = 331 (Jewish)

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