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Gematria Club Calls Death Date of Rep. John Lewis

Last week, North Carolina U.S. Representative Alma Adams mistakenly-reported that US Representative John Lewis had died. Although he was battling pancreatic cancer, he was indeed still alive, and Adams had to issue an apology.

After the mistake, on July 12th, Twitter user GematriaClub made this Tweet:#RitualSacrifice Upon Us Skull and crossbones @RepJohnLewis Marked For Death Pirate flag Lewis Will Be Killed In July Likely the 17th or 18th Spiral calendar pad Congressman John Lewis =1017 #Gematria Elijah Cummings =1017 - Killed on 10/17 Both Sacrificed for: 117th US Congress =1017 Joseph Robinette Biden Jr =117

Yesterday, on July 17th, John Lewis passed away.

This death does appear to be related to Elijah Cummings, whose death I made this post for in October of last year. Gematria Club mentions “Congressman John Lewis” = 1017, but this is a slight typo as that’s actually the value with his full name in Primes.

"Congressman John Robert Lewis" = 1017 (Primes)

but it does have double gematria of 117 in Single Reduction.

Congressman John Lewis = 117 in Single and Reverse Single Reduction

Elijah Cummings died on 10/17 last year. Both men exited the world stage during the 117th Congress.

"117th US Congress" = 1017 (English Sumerian)

"Elijah Cummings" = 1017 (Trigonal)

Elijah and Cummings both = 117 Reverse

The two men died exactly 9 months apart. Pregnancies typically last 9 months. I point this out due to the similarities in appearance:

The two men’s birthdays are separated by 10 years, 331 days:

1331 is the ultimate eclipse numberTwin eclipses sums to 1331,

"Twin eclipses" = 1331 (Jewish)

Lewis died 331 days after the anniversary of the first Great American Total Solar Eclipse.

"Three hundred thirty-one" = 1331 (Jewish)

John Lewis died 1 year, 15 days after the most recent total solar eclipse:

"John Lewis" = 115 (English Ordinal)

Killing = 115 in both Reverse and Jewish gematria

"Total eclipse" = 115 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)

Great Conjunction / Eclipse Code

My post on the death of Elijah Cummings explained how it was related to December’s Great Conjunction, which is a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. His name had matching gematria with both planets, and he died 93 days before his 69th birthday. “Saturn” = 93 and 69.

Great Conjunction = 243 and 90 Reverse, Congressman John Lewis = 243 and 90 Ordinal

Cummings was a Capricorn, ruled by Saturn
Lewis was a Pisces, ruled by Jupiter

Lewis was well-known for being a key figure in the events of Bloody Sunday.

"Bloody Sunday" = 157 (English Ordinal)

John Lewis died 157 days before that Great Conjunction:

In Ordinal, United States = 157, United States Congress = 257

Cummings’ death was 2 years, 57 days after the first Great American Total Solar Eclipse:

Blood sacrifice and Total solar eclipse both = 257 Reverse

257 is the 55th Prime number

Including the end date, Lewis’s death fell 5 months, 5 days before the Great Conjunction:

"Sacrifice" = 55 (Single Reduction)

John Lewis died on July 17, written 17/7 internationally.

In Ordinal, July seventeen, Representative, and 117th US Congress = 177

More Connections

Lewis died 181 days after Elijah Cummings’ 18/1 birthday.

Cummings had died on the 290th day of the year, when Lewis was 29093 days old, or a span of 239 days after his birthday:

"John Robert Lewis" = 2039 (Jewish)

239 is the 52nd Prime number
Lewis was born on the 52nd day of the year:

His full name was John Robert Lewis, syncing up with his 21/2 birthday.

"John Robert Lewis" = 212 (Reverse Ordinal)

Lewis first announced his cancer diagnosis 2 months, 12 days after Cummings died. He died 201 days later. “Elijah Eugene Cummings” = 201 (Ordinal).

Today’s news is 21 weeks, 2 days before the next total solar eclipse. This prediction came from Gematria Club.

"Gematria Club" = 212 (Reverse Ordinal)

Two Cents

I’m glad to see such a strong non-sports related prediction come true. I would never root for anyone to die, but everyone’s passing is inevitable, and calling the date ahead of time for a particular person is perhaps the best way to help wake the whole of society up.

With the recent legalization of sports gambling, and a shifting economy that is hurting the lower class, the draw of profiting from sports has never been stronger. If you’re thinking about paying Gematria Club’s high membership fees, keep in mind that no one is perfect, and wrong predictions have been made there as well. It’s quite evident that the athletes and officials in major sports leagues cannot be trusted to give us an honest outcome, and their eyes are always on the sportsbooks.

I feel a responsibility to add this footnote to my post because within the past year, a member of my Discord committed suicide after losing a lot of money on sports betting over a short period of time, and that is the absolute last thing I want to see. Gematria and numerology gave me spiritual peace and understanding, and this is what I ultimately want my readers and viewers to gain as well.

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