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Sinking of the RMS Titanic – A 1331 / 1919 Eclipse Ritual

RMS Titanic (Wiki)
Sinking of the RMS Titanic

As discussed in this post1331 is the ultimate eclipse number.

One hundred thirty-three and Three hundred thirty-one both = 331 in Jewish gematria

When you write out one thousand three hundred thirty-one, it sums to 1919 in this same cipher.

"One thousand three hundred thirty-one" = 1919 (Jewish)

1919 was a pretty interesting year for solar eclipses. There were actually no partial eclipses that year, which is fairly uncommon. Instead, there was one total solar eclipse, and one annular solar eclipse.

These weren’t just any solar eclipses. For the total eclipse of May 29th, the duration of totality was 6 minutes and 51 seconds – the longest duration of any total eclipse in 503 years.

The annular eclipse of November 22nd had a period of annularity of an astounding 11 minutes and 37 seconds, the longest annular eclipse in 272 years.

Obviously, the odds of two eclipses of such significance occurring in the same year is quite uncommon. And particularly with what we’ve learned about gematria, the fact that these were in 1919 in light of that number’s connection to 1331 is pretty sensational.

This post also elaborates on the legitimate theory that the disaster was used to kill off some powerful bankers who were opposed to the Federal Reserve Act, which was signed less than two years after the shipwreck. The date the Titanic sank, April 15th, is now Tax Day in the United States.

1331 Riddle

Sinking of the RMS Titanic yields both 133 and 331 Reverse gematria.

Sinking of the RMS Titanic = 133 and 331 in Reverse

The Titanic's maiden voyage began a span of 133 days after the anniversary of the 1331 eclipse on November 30th:

Thirteen thirty-one eclipse & November thirtieth = 1331 in Jewish gematria

"The Federal Reserve Act" = 1303 (Jewish)

The Federal Reserve Act was crafted as a response to the Panic of 1907.

"Panic" = 133 (English Extended)

Construction on the Titanic began on March 31st, written 3/31.

The ship would later sink on a date with 13 and 31 numerology:4 + 1+5 + 1+2 = 13 and (4) + (15) + (12) = 31

"Federal Reserve Act" = 103 (Reverse Reduction)

The Federal Reserve Act was signed in ’13, which is the 7th Fibonacci and the 6th Prime number. 7+6 = 13.

Titanic = 76 and 31

Relation to 1919 TSE

The 1919 total solar eclipse belonged to Saros series 136.

The sinking of the RMS Titanic occurred exactly 1306 days after it was ordered:

That total eclipse fell on a date with Primary numerology of 72:(5) + (29) + (19) + (19) = 72

RMS Titanic = 72 and 702

May 29th is the 149th day of the year. The Titanic sank on April 15th:

"April fifteenth" = 149 (English Ordinal)

Titanic Construction

From the date Titanic construction started, to the date the ship was launched, was exactly 113 weeks (or a span of 2 years, 62 days):

Titanic = 113 Reverse and 262 Jewish

The boat struck an iceberg on April 14th, which was a span of 2602 days before the 1919 total solar eclipse:

The Reverse of 113 is 311. The Panic of 1907 was also called the Banker’s Panic or the Knickerbocker Crisis.

"Banker's Panic" = 113 (English Ordinal)"Knickerbocker Crisis" = 311 (Reverse Ordinal)"Crisis" = 311 (English Extended)

The Titanic’s maiden voyage began a span of 3 years, 11 days after construction began, and exactly 45 weeks after it was launched:

"RMS Titanic" = 45 (Full Reduction)

Thirteen = 45 in both Reduction methods

911 Code / Federal Reserve Act

An eclipse always occurs 15, or 6 lunar phases after the most recent eclipse. The word eclipse sums to 156 in Hebrew, like Eclipse the Sun in English.

Eclipse = 156 in Hebrew Gematria

"Eclipse the Sun" = 156 (English Ordinal)

The 156th Prime number is 911
911 upside-down is 116

When the Titanic set sail, it was 1106 days after construction began. The date it sank was a span of 10 months, 16 days after it was launched:

The inverse of 911 is 119

"Federal Reserve Act" = 1190 (Jewish)

The Federal Reserve Act was passed 617 days after the Titanic sank. 617 is the 113th Prime number, and “Titanic” = 113113 is also the number of dishonesty. Consider that in light of the fact that the ship that sank was probably actually the RMS Olympic.

In Ordinal, Federal Reserve Act sums to 167, a re-arrangement of 617.

"Federal Reserve Act" = 167 (English Ordinal)

The Act was signed on a date with Primary numerology of 67:(12) + (23) + (19) + (13) = 67

"Total solar eclipse" = 67 (Full Reduction)

The Federal Reserve Act was signed a span of 1984 days before the 1919 total solar eclipse:

The 1919 total eclipse occurred on the date leaving 216 days in the year:

The Federal Reserve Act was signed 2160 days before the 1919 annular eclipse:

"Panic of 1907" = 216 (English Extended)

The Titanic was launched 2920 days before the 1919 total eclipse:

The Federal Reserve Act would later be signed on December 23rd.

Federal Reserve Act and December twenty-third both = 292 Reverse

The Titanic was ordered 292 days after the anniversary of the 1331 total eclipse.

It’s worth pointing out how the ship’s construction also contained a riddle related to the 1919 annular eclipse. Because you do not get a sense of the real beauty a total eclipse gives you during an annular eclipse, they are not considered to be as significant. But there is an interesting alignment anyway.

From the date construction started, to the 1919 annular eclipse, was 3,888 days. From the date the boat sank to the same eclipse was 2,777 days:

Notice how both RMS and Titanic sum to 50 and 31.

RMS and Titanic both = 50 and 31

The ship sank on a date with both 50 and 31 numerology:(4) + (15) + (19) + (12) = 50 and (4) + (15) + (12) = 31

"Banker's Panic" = 50 (Full Reduction)

The 50th Prime number is 229

"April fifteenth" = 229 (Reverse Ordinal)

The sinking was on the 106th day of a leap year:

"Sinking" = 106 (Reverse Ordinal)

The ship had hit an iceberg prior to midnight on April 14th, which had Primary numerology of 49:(4) + (14) + (19) + (12) = 49

"Iceberg" = 49 (English Ordinal)

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