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MLB Player Starling Marte’s Wife Noelia Dies of Heart Attack

Diamondbacks' Starling Marte says wife died of heart attack: 'It is a moment of indescribable pain'

Starling Marte (Wiki)

Marte’s announcement fell 222 days after his birthday:

"Starling Javier Marte" = 222 (English Ordinal)

"Starling & Noelia" = 222 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Eclipse" = 222 (English Extended)

Noelia Marte died a span of 113 days after Starling was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks:

"Noelia Marte" = 113 (English Ordinal)

The Earth is 11/3rds the diameter of the Moon.

"Moon" = 113 (Franc Baconis)

Eclipse Code

Starling Marte’s name is an eclipse riddle in and of itself.

"Starling" = 487 (English Extended)

487 is the 93rd Prime number. The Sun, our Star, is an average of 93 million miles from Earth.

His last name, Marte, has matching gematria with Moon.

Marte and Moon both = 57 and 21

The Moon’s equatorial diameter is 2160 miles. Marte sums to 216.

"Marte" = 216 (Jewish)

216 is 6×6×6

The eclipse code is centered around the number 666. See this slide for an explanation.

To announce his wife’s passing, Marte posted a photo of him and his wife at the Grand Canyon:

"Grand Canyon" = 666 (Jewish)

666 is the 36th Triangular number. Starling Marte was born on a date with Reduced numerology of 36: 1+0 + 9 + 1+9+8+8 = 36, (10) + (9) + (19) + (88) = 126, and he was born on the 283rd day of a leap year

126 and 283 also connect to 666 and the Moon through gematria.

"Six sixty-six" = 1206 (English Sumerian)"Six hundred and sixty-six" = 2083 (Jewish) "The Moon" = 283 (Jewish)

The first Great American Eclipse occurred in August of 2017:Total eclipse = 137, 70, and 47

Just one day before that eclipse, Starling Marte turned 1506 weeks old:

"Starling & Noelia" = 156 (English Ordinal)

An eclipse always occurs 15, or 6 lunar phases after the most recent one.

Eclipse = 33 Reduction and 156 Hebrew

Six six six, Triple sixes, and thirty-three all sum to 156 in Ordinal

Starling Marte grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

"Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic" = 143 (Full Reduction)

May 18th was exactly 143 weeks after the Great American Eclipse:

The 143rd Prime number is 823

"Starling Marte" = 823 (English Extended)

"Pittsburgh Pirates" = 823 (Satanic)

143 weeks is exactly 1001 days:

Prior to being traded, Marte only played for one team – the Pittsburgh Pirates.

"Pittsburgh Pirates" = 1001 (Jewish)

227 Code

In Hebrew, total eclipse sums to 227, the English value of eclipse crucifixion code and Jesus’ crucifixion.

"ליקוי מלא (Total eclipse)" = 227 (Hebrew Gematria)"Eclipse crucifixion code" = 227 (English Ordinal) "Jesus' crucifixion" = 227 (Reverse Ordinal)

Marte’s news fell on the date leaving 227 days on the calendar:

Something else stands out when we measure to that 2017 eclipse. It’s also 2 years, 271 days (or 32 months, 27 days). May 18th was also a span of exactly 22 years, 7 weeks since the Arizona Diamondbacks’ first game in franchise history:

7 weeks is 49 days, and 227 is the 49th Prime number.

"Heart attack" = 409 (Jewish)

Arizona was first awarded a franchise by MLB 25 years, 70 days before this news:

Total solar eclipse and Blood sacrifice both = 257 Reverse

In Reduction, total solar eclipseblood sacrifice, and human sacrifice all have gematria of 67.

Total solar eclipse, Blood sacrifice, and human sacrifice all = 67 in Reduction

This number is found in the gematria of both Starling Marte and Noelia Marte.

Starling Marte = 67 and 86, Noelia Marte = 67

86 is a term for “offing” or “getting rid of”. It’s also the Reverse value of blood sacrifice and human sacrifice.

Arizona Diamondbacks Riddle

The Arizona Diamondbacks began playing in the year 1998, which is 666×3.

"Arizona Diamondbacks" = 1998 (Reverse English Sumerian)

6+6+6 = 18. It’s said that Noelia passed away after suffering a heart attack while receiving treatment for a broken ankle. Notice how both ailments have the same gematria.

Heart attack and Broken ankle both = 108 and 189

The 108 in Ordinal stands out. Not only because Marte currently has 108 career home runs…but multiplying the diameter of the Moon and Sun by 108 approximates their average distances from Earth.

Geometry, Of the Sun, and Full Moon all = 108 in Ordinal and Reverse

"Starling Marte - Noelia Marte" = 108 (Full Reduction)

Arizona Diamondbacks sums to 180 in Ordinal.

Arizona Diamondbacks = 180 and 333

The 333 sum in Reverse is also important because that’s the Extended value of broken ankle.

"Broken ankle" = 333 (English Extended)

Starling Marte was born on 10/9, which represents the number 19.

Kill = 19 Hebrew Reduction & 244 Hebrew gematria

In January, he was traded to the Diamondbacks.

Nineteen and Diamondbacks both = 244 in Jewish

There’s so much interesting numerology with this story, it’s literally impossible to cram it all into one post. Check my YouTube channel for a video on this.

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