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More on “Polar Shift” Films

A Musing About the Truth of Covid-19

My last post was a little different, as I put forth a theory that possibly holds zero weight about the Covid-19 plandemic. However, there’s more to this riddle about a polar shift in films that must be looked at.

Absolute Zero (film)

In 2006, a film named Absolute Zero aired on television. I’m unable to find the date it first premiered, but that won’t be necessary to point out the myriad of connections, some of them being personal, organic ones.

Absolute Zero is about a polar shift, that causes everywhere on the globe within 30 degrees of the equator to experience an ice age, while the rest of the Earth gets warmer. Of course, this is not what would happen in a polar shift, but that’s neither here nor there. This was one of only two other films I could find discussing a polar shift, and we’ll look at the other one in a little bit.

The main character of Absolute Zero is named David Koch. This stands out, because billionaire David Koch just recently passed away. Looking back, his death was even more significant – he died on August 23rd, Kobe Bryant’s 41st birthday:

Kobe Bryant and David Koch both = 41 in Reduction

Kobe’s death was the massive event that helped usher in the Covid pandemic.

"קוביד (Covid)" = 41 (Hebrew Ordinal)

Koch’s last birthday was a span of 113 days before he died:113 Days

The WHO declared a coronavirus pandemic on March 11th, or 11/3.

"Coronavirus pandemic" = 113 (Reverse Reduction)

In Absolute Zero, David Koch is played by Jeff Fahey.

11/3 falls 3 months, 11 days after Jeff Fahey’s birthday

The 113th Prime number is 617

The 11/3 declaration fell 6 months, 17 days after Kobe’s birthday, when Koch died:

David Koch was born on May 3rd, or 5/3. Kobe died 5 months, 3 days after Koch:

The virus is called Covid-19.

"Koch" = 19 (Full Reduction)

Jeff Fahey = 36 Reverse Reduction and 432 Sumerian

The 36th Triangular number is 666
432234 666

Absolute Zero aired on television about two months after Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in his 666th career game.

"Temperature" = 666 (Jewish)

The film came out in 2006 and is 1 hour, 26 minutes long. Kobe Bryant would later die on the 26th day of the year, or 1/26:

"Six sixty-six" = 1206 (English Sumerian)

Bryant’s birthday, and the date Koch died, is written 23/8.

"Six hundred sixty-six" = 2038 (Jewish)

Coronavirus was declared a pandemic 201 days later. Recall how the Event 201 exercise directly preceded the pandemic.

"Six sixty-six" = 201 (English Ordinal)

The 666th Prime number is 4973. Kobe died at the age of 497 months, 3 days. He’s now buried in Corona del Mar, California. Corona originated in Hubei.

Corona and Hubei both = 224 in Jewish gematria

The coronavirus is a tribute to the 2024 Greater American Eclipse. The man who played Koch, Jeff Fahey, has full name gematria of 2240.

"Jeffrey David Fahey" = 2240 (Jewish)

In English gematria, Jeffrey David Fahey sums to 1960.

"Jeffrey David Fahey" = 1960 (English Extended)

The last redefinition of SI base units prior to 2019 was in the year 1960. See why the redefinition was important in the Organic Matrix section of this post.

"Redefinition" = 196 (Reverse Ordinal)

Polar Storm

In 2009, another film called Polar Storm (or Pole Reversal) was released. Notice how the date was 3/28, which is the reverse of the date 8/23, Kobe’s birthday. The film was released a span of exactly 10 years, 305 days before Kobe died:10 Years, 305 Days

"Kobe Bean Bryant" = 135 (English Ordinal)

The film’s release was also a span of 10 years, 350 days before Covid-19 was declared a pandemic:

Recall how “Kobe Bryant” = 113 (Ordinal). “National Basketball Association” = 113 (Reduction).

Polar Storm was released on video 10 months, 13 days after its television premiere:

Polar Storm was released on home video 10 years, 1 month, 3 days before 11/3:

“Kobe” = 33 (Ordinal). The 33rd Triangular number is 561.

Polar Storm = 561 Jewish and 147 Ordinal

Polar Storm first aired 10 years, 47 days before the first showing of The Dead Don’t Die, which is also about a polar event:

The main character of Polar Storm is named James Mayfield.

James Mayfield and Polar Storm both = 123

Organic Matrix

Bobby reminded me that we talked about Absolute Zero last year. I didn’t remember it…it turns out I made this post about a news story which seemed to be related to the 2019 redefinition of absolute zero. Having forgotten about this post, it blows my mind reading it back.

This story about Tommy Robinson was 97 days before the death of David Koch:

"Death" = 97 (Reverse Ordinal)

The 97th Prime number is 509

"David Koch" = 509 (English Extended)

"Kill" = 59 (Jewish)

The Tommy Robinson story is about McDonald’s banning milkshakes. This provided another cosmic twist, as this week is the final Supermoon of 2020. It’s being called the Milk Moon. Bobby had just returned home from buying milkshakes for the family:

Notice the purchase total of $10.83.

"Milkshake" = 183 (Jewish)

Before tax, the total was $9.87

"David Koch" = 789 (Jewish)

As it turns out, I had just made the incredibly rare purchase of Coke in my run to the grocery store earlier today:

Bobby then pointed out that I bought this Mexican Coke on Cinco de Mayo, which I didn’t even realize was today.

Yesterday morning, Bobby reached out to me about a synchronicity he had with Mercury at the gas pump. This might sound silly to the layman, but it’s relatively-common between us. I’ll get something like this from him once every week or two.

My first work meeting of the morning was about an hour later. Because it was Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You), my boss had an image of Darth Vader on the screen. Oddly enough, she happened to choose this image of Freddie Mercury on Darth Vader’s shoulders:

As it turns out, yesterday was the date of a Mercury-Sun conjunction. The date was 5/4.

"Sun" = 54 (English Ordinal)

Yesterday had a Life Lesson number of 13:(5) + (4) + 2+0+2+0 = 13

"Mercury" = 103 (English Ordinal)

MercuryStar Wars…a Mercury / Sun conjunction…what are the odds?

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