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Fountains of Wayne Singer Adam Schlesinger Dies @ 52

Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne singer, dead at 52 from Covid-19

CNN’s headline sums to 629 in the alphabetic order.

"Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne singer, dead at 52 from Covid-19" = 629 (English Ordinal)

There is some conflicting info on the date Adam Schlesinger died, but one of those dates is March 31st, which is exactly 629 months after he was born:
629 Months, 0 Days

Schlesinger reportedly passed away after a short battle with Covid-19. In Ordinal, Adam sums to 19 and Schlesinger sums to 119.

Adam = 19, Schlesinger = 119

The 19th Prime number is 67
Schlesinger was born in the year ’67
The 67th Prime number is 331
His date of passing was 3/31

"Covid nineteen" = 67 (Full Reduction)

Total solar eclipse, Blood sacrifice, and human sacrifice all = 67 in Reduction

One of the main symptoms of Covid-19 is a really high fever. Isn’t it strange that in 2015, Schlesinger joined a band name Fever High?

Coronavirus and Fever High both = 155

Schlesinger also wrote the song “That Thing You Do!” from the 1996 film starring Tom Hanks, who was intriguingly the first celebrity diagnosed with coronavirus.

"Thomas Jeffrey Hanks" = 1530 (Jewish)

News of Schlesinger’s death was published yesterday, April 1st, which some outlets are reporting to be the date he died. Either way, he was 153 days after his birthday (or a span of 154) when he passed away on April Fool’s Day:

In Ordinal, April Fool's Day = 153, Ritual sacrifice = 154

Schlesinger shares 56 Reduction gematria with coronavirus and April first.

Schlesinger, Coronavirus, and April first all = 56 in Reduction

He was also in a band called Ivy

"Ivy" = 56 (English Ordinal)

His full name sums to 223, just like novel coronavirus in Ordinal.

Adam Lyons Schlesinger = 223, Novel coronavirus = 223 and 92

He died on the 92nd day of a leap year:

Sun / Eclipse Code

"The word LIE flipped upside-down" = 317 (English Ordinal)

In Reverse, his full name sums to 317.

"Adam Lyons Schlesinger" = 317 (Reverse Ordinal)

317 is the 66th Prime number

"Adam Schlesinger" = 66 (Full Reduction)

This is the Ordinal value of corona.

Corona = 66 Ordinal and 224 Jewish

Notice the value of 224 in Jewish gematria. This is the Reverse value of Fountains of Wayne.

"Fountains of Wayne" = 224 (Reverse Ordinal)

His death fell 224 days after the anniversary of the Great American eclipse:224 Days

There will be a second Great American eclipse in the year 2024. Schlesinger died 4 years, 7 days before that one:4 Years, 7 Days

Schlesinger = 407 Extended, Total eclipse and Killing = 47 K Exception

"Covid 19" = 47 (Reverse Reduction)

Coronavirus was declared a National Emergency by Trump on 13/03.

"Coronavirus" = 1303 (Jewish)

This number is significant, as it ties into the 1331 code, which is very significant for the virus. Notice how both 133 and 331 sum to 1331.

One hundred thirty-three, Three hundred thirty-one, and Three hundred ninety-three = 1331 in Jewish gematria

The third and only other number to sum to 1331 in Jewish gematria is 393. This is the value of Adam Schlesinger in this same cipher.

"Adam Schlesinger" = 393 (Jewish)

Today is 39 weeks, 3 days after the most recent total solar eclipse:39 Weeks, 3 Days

His name also sums to 1,393 in English Extended. The corona is the atmosphere of the Sun and the only time it is visible is during a total solar eclipse. Notice how his full name sums to 704 just like total solar eclipse.

"Schlesinger" = 74 (Single Reduction)

Adam Lyons Schlesinger = 1393 Extended, 993 Jewish, and 704 Primes. Total solar eclipse = 994 Extended and 704 Jewish
Rule of Colel

"Adam Lyons Schlesinger" = 443 (Franc Baconis) "The Sun" = 443 (Jewish)

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