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Google Doodle – Susan B. Anthony’s 200th Birthday

"Two hundred years" = 200 (English Ordinal)

Susan B. Anthony sums to 1038, similar to the gematria of both two hundred and abolitionism.

"Susan B. Anthony" = 1038 (English Sumerian)

Two hundred and Abolitionism both = 138

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the life of Susan B. Anthony, who is famous for her contributions to both the abolition of slavery and women’s suffrage. Her life’s work was rewarded when the U.S. Government passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Think about how Lyndon Johnson and Susan Anthony both famously used the middle initial of B.

"Slavery" = 1964 (Squares)

Civil Rights and Lyndon B. Johnson both = 64 Reduction

The 64th Prime number is 311

LBJ was a span of 311 days after his birthday when he signed the bill:311 Days

The Civil Rights Act was signed into law on a date with Primary numerology of 92(7) + (2) + (19) + (64) = 92

"Civil Rights Act" = 92 (Reverse Reduction)

Eclipse Riddle

Susan B. Anthony died on March 13th, the 72nd day of the year:

The Civil Rights Act was first introduced by a man named Emanuel Celler

"Emanuel Celler" = 72 (Reverse Reduction)

The Civil Rights Act was signed on July 2nd, the date written 7/2, which falls exactly 7 months, 2 weeks before Susan B. Anthony’s birthday (and today’s Google Doodle):7 Months, 2 Weeks, 0 Days

This past year, there was a total solar eclipse on the date 7/2.

Συνολική έκλειψη ηλίου (Total solar eclipse) = 257 in Greek and Reverse

257 is the 55th Prime number

That eclipse was exactly 55 years after the signing of the Civil Rights Act:55 Years, 0 Days

Lyndon Johnson was 55 years old when he signed the Civil Rights Act:55 Years

"Lyndon Johnson" = 55 (Reverse Reduction)

"Civil" = 55 (English Ordinal)

Abolitionist Susan B. Anthony was born on a date with Primary numerology of 55(2) + (15) + (18) + (20) = 55
"Abolitionist" = 55 (Full Reduction)

Today’s Google Doodle is a span of exactly 229 days after the eclipse, and the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act:229 Days

"Lyndon Baines Johnson" = 229 (English Ordinal)

The 229th verse of Revelation reveals the number of the Beast to be 666, the 36th Triangular number. LBJ was the 36th President of the United States, taking office in ’63.

Today is also 172 days after LBJ’s birthday:172 Days

"Lyndon Johnson" = 172 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Civil Rights Act of Nineteen sixty-four" = 172 (Full Reduction)

Susan Anthony = 171, Womens suffrage = 172, Susan B. Anthony = 173

Today has Primary numerology of 57(2) + (15) + (20) + (20) = 57

"Abolitionism" = 57 (Full Reduction)

The back of the Susan B. Anthony dollar shows the Moon. LBJ was the President during the majority of the Apollo Program, which allegedly led to the first humans on the Moon.

"LBJ" = 57 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)

The Google Doodle falls 113 years, 11 months, 3 days after her death:113 Years, 11 Months, 3 Days

"Moon" = 113 (Franc Baconis)

Born Susan Anthony February 15, 1820 Adams, Massachusetts, U.S. Died March 13, 1906 (aged 86) Rochester, New York, U.S.

Susan B. Anthony died in Rochester, New York in the year 1906

"Rochester, New York" = 1906 (Jewish)

She passed on March 13th, the date written 13/3

"Suffrage" = 133 (Reverse Ordinal)

In Reverse, women’s suffrage sums to 206, matching the Ordinal value of Susan B. Anthony’s place of birth, Adams, Massachusetts

Womens suffrage = 206, Adams, Massachusetts = 206 and 280

She was born on a date with a Life Lesson number of 28, exactly 28 days before the next total solar eclipse(2) + (15) + 1+8+2+0 = 28

"ליקוי חמה מלא (Total solar eclipse)" = 280 (Hebrew Gematria)

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