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49ers Broadcaster Suspended for Racial Remark

The San Francisco 49ers suspended radio analyst Tim Ryan for one game after his comments about Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson having an advantage because of his dark skin.

Tim Ryan was 19080 days old when he was suspended:19080 Days

"Tim Ryan" = 198 (Franc Baconis)

His suspension was for making remarks about Lamar Jackson’s dark skin.

"Dark skin" = 87 (English Ordinal)

Ryan was 87 days after his birthday, or 88 with the end date. This syncs up with his full name and the show he made his remarks on:

"Timothy Edward Ryan" = 88 (Full Reduction)

The 88th Prime number is 457

"Murph and Mac" = 457 (Jewish)

The word skin sums to 149

"Skin" = 149 (Jewish)

149 is the 35th Prime number

Ryan was suspended on a date with standard numerology of 35(12) + (4) + (19) = 35

"Suspended" = 35 (Full Reduction)

Tim Ryan’s birthday falls a span of exactly 35 weeks after Jackson’s:35 Weeks, 0 Days

Ryan broadcasts for the San Francisco 49ers, who were exactly 3835 weeks old:3835 Weeks, 0 Days

Lamar Jackson was a span of 35 days before his birthday, which went along with the numeric ritual involving the Pope receiving a signed jersey of his:35 Days

This is 34 days without the end date. “Dark” = 34 (Ordinal)
The word 35 sums to 61 in Reduction:

"Thirty-five" = 61 (Full Reduction)

Tim Ryan was drafted 61st overall in the 1990 NFL draft.

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