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Giants Lose to Packers 13-31

Make sure you’re familiar with this post before continuing. It discusses the immense significance of the number 1331, particularly in relation to solar eclipses. The only total solar eclipse of the year 1331 fell on the date November 30th, and it’s the only eclipse I’ve ever seen whose path of totality never touches a major body of water.

Thirteen thirty-one eclipse & November thirtieth = 1331 in Jewish gematria

There are only three numbers that have Jewish gematria of 1331. Two of those numbers are found within those very digits – 133 and 331.

"One hundred thirty-three" = 1331 (Jewish) "Three hundred thirty-one" = 1331 (Jewish)

133 and 331 is the Reduction / Ordinal value of New York Giants – Green Bay Packers

New York Giants - Green Bay Packers = 133 Reduction and 331 Ordinal

Rodgers went up against Daniel Jones, whose full name sums to 1332

"Rodgers" = 331 (Satanic)"Daniel Stephen Jones III" = 1332 (English Sumerian)

Their week 13 game, which took place just one day after November 30th, finished with a score of 13-31

Notice how the Packers pushed their record to 9-3. The Giants’ loss dropped them to 2-10.

Aaron Charles Rodgers = 93 Reduction and 201 Ordinal

This year, November 30th fell 151 days after the only total solar eclipse of the year:151 Days

It was also exactly 151 weeks after the last Packers-Giants game, which also saw the score read 13-31 in the 4th quarter:151 Weeks, 0 Days

151 is the 36th Prime number

The day after the game, Aaron Rodgers turned 36 years old.

"Aaron Charles Rodgers" = 866 (Satanic)

2019 is 688 years after 1331:

There appears to be an incredibly-deep element to this numeric riddle. Football Reference has a page that allows you to find all games in NFL history with a particular score. See all the games that have finished 13-31 by clicking here.

The Packers’ most recent 13-31 final score was against the Browns in 2013, exactly 319 weeks before this past Sunday. The Giants’ last 13-31 game was in 2012, exactly 368 weeks earlier:

319 + 368 = 687

No, it’s not an exact match…but one must wonder if the Rule of Colel is in effect here.

1331 is 11 to the 3rd power.

"Aaron Rodgers" = 1103 (Trigonal)

Rodgers’ victory came against Giants QB Daniel Jones

"Aaron Rodgers" = 63 (Full Reduction)

"Jones" = 63 (English Ordinal)"Daniel Jones" = 63 (Reverse Reduction)

Aaron Rodgers and Daniel Jones both = 189 Reverse

The game took place a span of 189 days after Jones’s birthday:189 Days

"One hundred and eighty-nine" = 243 (English Ordinal)

Rodgers finished the game with 243 yards passing. He even had 24 rushing yards on 3 attempts. Green Bay’s coach has these numbers in his gematria as well:

Matthew Patrick LaFleur = 243 Ordinal and 1809 Extended

This is LaFleur’s first season as coach, meaning his record is now 9-3

"Matt LaFleur" = 903 (English Extended)"Coach Matt LaFleur" = 93 (Reverse Reduction)

Rodgers’ and LaFleur’s birthdays are 4 years, 18 days apart. On the date of this game, LaFleur was a span of 40 years, 18 days old.

Rodgers wears #12. This game fell exactly 12 weeks after the debut of Daniel Stephen Jones III12 Weeks, 0 Days

"Daniel Stephen Jones III" = 120 (Reverse Reduction)

Jones made his debut, replacing Eli Manning, on September 8th, the date written 9/8

"Eli Manning" = 98 (English Ordinal)

"Thirteen thirty-one" = 98 (Full Reduction)

98 is an upside-down 86.

"Aaron" = 86 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Rodgers" = 86 (English Ordinal)

Manning’s full name ties into the 1331 code:

"Elisha Nelson Manning IV" = 331 (Reverse Ordinal)

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