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Melanie Coleman’s Death Related to Final Destination 5

Editor’s Note: Writing this post brought back memories of this post I made in January, detailing the synchronicities between two bullriders – one who died in 1989, and another who was born a few years later and died this year.

Yesterday, I decoded the death of Connecticut Gymnast Melanie Coleman, who is said to have died from a spine injury after an accident on the uneven bars.

In the film Final Destination 5, a woman named Candice Hooper dies after breaking her spine when dismounting from the uneven bars. You can watch the movie scene here if you’re not squeamish. This post will explore the connections between the film’s release and the dates of birth and death for Melanie Coleman.

Connecticut Gymnast and Final Destination both = 73, 98, and 260

Coleman’s accident and subsequent passing are also heavily-related to the death of another gymnast, Julissa Gomez, who died in 1991, over three years after her own accident. Gomez was 277 days after her birthday:277 Days

277 is the 59th Prime number

View my original post to see how 59 was coded all over this story. Gomez had become paralyzed from an accident on the vault over three years earlier.

Vault = 59 and 76 Ordinal, Melanie Coleman = 59 and 76 Reduction

Coleman’s accident occurred 11,509 days, or exactly 339 months after Gomez died:339 Months, 0 Days

"Accident" = 339 (Satanic)

Accident also sums to 117

"Accident" = 117 (Franc Baconis)

Julissa D’Anne Gomez was born 117 days after the most recent total solar eclipse:117 Days

"Julissa D'Anne Gomez" = 1170 (English Sumerian)

"Julissa" = 117 (Francis Bacon)

Her accident occurred on a date with 117 numerology:(5) + (5) + (19) + (88) = 117

Moon Coding

"Connecticut gymnast" = 1221 (Jewish)

12/21 is the date of next year’s Great Conjunction. Coleman passed away a span of 408 days before that event, and 4 months, 8 days after the 2019 total solar eclipse:

Melanie Coleman was born a span of exactly 408 weeks after Julissa Gomez died:408 Weeks, 0 Days

"Luna" = 48 (English Ordinal)

Luna is the Latin name for The Moon
The 48th Prime number is 223|
223 lunar phases in the Saros cycle

"הירח (The Moon)" = 223 (Hebrew Gematria)

Coleman was exactly 20 years, 23 weeks old when she died:20 Years, 23 Weeks, 0 Days

Julissa Gomez would have been a span of exactly 2023 weeks old on the date Final Destination 5 was released:2023 Weeks, 0 Days

News of Coleman’s death broke exactly 57 weeks before the next total solar eclipse:57 Weeks, 0 Days

"Moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)

"ליקוי (Eclipse)" = 57 (Hebrew Ordinal)

The word Moon has the same gematria as Southern Connecticut State University

Moon = 21 and 15, Southern Connecticut State University = 150 and 201

Coleman’s injury at SCSU fell exactly 28 years, 3 months after Julissa Gomez passed away:28 Years, 3 Months, 0 Days

"The Moon" = 283 (Jewish)

"Melanie Amber Coleman" = 80 (Full Reduction)

The Moon, just like the Sun, creates a figure 8 in the sky over time:

Gomez suffered her injury in ’88
She was 808 weeks old:808 Weeks

Gomez later died on 8/8
It was 88 days before her birthday:88 Days

88 is 11×8

Coleman’s injury was on 11/8, years, 88 days after the release of Final Destination 5:8 Years, 88 Days

"Julissa" = 888 (Reverse Trigonal)

Julissa Gomez’s injury occurred on the 126th day of a leap year:

She would later die on a date with Primary numerology of 126(8) + (8) + (19) + (91) = 126

Years later, Melanie Coleman was born on another date with primary numerology of 126(6) + (2) + (19) + (99) = 126

"Coleman" = 126 (Reverse Ordinal)

"One hundred twenty-six" = 2380 (Jewish)

The Moon’s average distance from the Earth is 238,000 miles.
Gomez was born 238 days before the next total solar eclipse.

More Syncs

"Julissa Gomez" = 312 (Franc Baconis)

Melanie Coleman’s injury occurred on the 312th day of the year:

She was a student at Southern Connecticut State

"Southern Connecticut State" = 312 (English Ordinal)

Her death fell exactly 3012 days after the release of Final Destination 5:3012 Days

Coleman died 161 days after her birthday.

Melanie Amber Coleman = 161 Ordinal and 109 Reverse Reduction

Julissa = 91 Ordinal and 19 Reduction

Julissa died in the year ’91
She would have turned 19 that year
The 91st Prime number is 467

"Melanie Amber Coleman" = 467 (English Extended)

“Sacrifice” Code

News of Coleman’s death broke on November 11th, which was a span of exactly 99 months after Final Destination was released:99 Months, 0 Days

"Gymnast" = 99 (English Ordinal)

"Sacrifice" = 99 (Francis Bacon)

99 is 11×9

Gomez died 1190 days (or exactly 170 weeks) after her accident:

Sacrifice = 170 Reverse and 145 Franc Baconis

That death was on the date leaving 145 days in the year:

Numerology = 145 Ordinal and 474 Primes


Coleman’s accident occurred 1,474 weeks after Gomez’s death:1474 Weeks

Gomez would have been 47 years, 4 days old:47 Years, 4 Days

Coleman was an athlete at Southern Connecticut State University

Southern Connecticut State University = 474 Ordinal and 444 Reverse

"Killing" = 444 (English Sumerian)

The 444th Prime number is 3119

Coleman’s death fell a span of exactly 31 years, 190 days after Julissa Gomez’s initial accident:31 Years, 190 Days

Metonic Cycle

31 years is intriguing because Coleman was injured exactly 3010 days after the release of Final Destination 5. The 31st Prime number is 127. Melanie Coleman was born on 6/2.

Metonic cycle & Connecticut both = 127 Ordinal & 62 Reverse Reduction

"Sacrifice" = 62 (Reverse Reduction)

Melanie was 12 years, 70 days old the day before Final Destination 5 came out:12 Years, 70 Days

Gymnast and Metonic cycle both = 668 in Jewish gematria

There are 19 years in the Metonic cycle, and Julissa died in ’91 just shy of her 19th birthday. Her injury was on the date May 5th, written 5/5. Coleman’s was on November 8th, written 11/08.

Metonic cycle = 55 Reduction and 1108 Extended

19 years syncs up with 235 lunar phases, matching the name of the gymnast who died in Final Destination 5.

"Candice Hooper" = 235 (Reverse Ordinal)

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