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Former MLB Umpire Chuck Meriwether Dies @ 63

Chuck Meriwether is the second MLB Umpire to die within a week. See my post on the death of Eric Cooper from several days ago. Both men were on the same umpiring crew in two different seasons.

Cooper was 52 years old, and Meriwether was 63. Add these two numbers together and you get 115 – the 115th World Series is currently in full swing.

Killing = 115 in both Reverse and Jewish gematria

Julius Edward Meriwether, who passed away at age 63, was born on 6/3. His death from cancer fell 118 days after his birthday:118 Days

"Julius Edward Meriwether" = 118 (Single Reduction)

"Cancer" = 118 (Reverse Ordinal)

Although he died on the 26th, most people are learning about his death today, October 27th. Today’s date is written internationally as 27/10/19, which is alarmingly close to Meriwether’s Ordinal and Reduction gematria:

Julius Edward Meriwether = 271 Ordinal and 109 Reduction

He died at exactly 3304 weeks old, aligning with his nickname, Chuck3304 Weeks, 0 Days

"Chuck" = 334 (English Extended)

Alex Bregman hit a Grand Slam in the World Series on the date Meriwether died (more on that below). He was 1334 weeks old:1334 Weeks

Eclipse Riddle

334 is the inverse of 433, the Jewish gematria of solar eclipse

He died a span of 117 days after the 2019 total solar eclipse:117 Days

Umpire Chuck Meriwether = 117 in both Reduction methods

Meriwether’s death fell a span of exactly 17 weeks, 0 days after his birthday:17 Weeks, 0 Days

This same date was exactly 1 year, 7 weeks, 0 days before the next total solar eclipse:1 Year, 7 Weeks, 0 Days

"Chuck Meriwether" = 170 (English Ordinal)

"Sacrifice" = 170 (Reverse Ordinal)

Alex Bregman

In my post about the death of Eric Cooper, I failed to mention the connection to the walk-off home run hit by Jose Altuve the night before. Altuve’s full name sums to 193, and Cooper was 19300 days old when he died. There appears to be a similar connection between Chuck Meriwether and Alex Bregman, who hit a grand slam in the World Series on the same date he died.

Meriwether’s final birthday had primary numerology of 75, the same numerology of the date he died:(6) + (30) + (20) + (19) = 75 (10) + (26) + (20) + (19) = 75

The 75th Prime number is 379

Alex Bregman was born exactly 37 years, 9 months after Chuck Meriwether:37 Years, 9 Months, 0 Days

"Game four" = 379 (Jewish)

"Meriwether" = 146 (Reverse Ordinal)

Meriwether was born in ’56. Bregman has birth numerology of 146 and 56(3) + (30) + (19) + (94) = 146 and (3) + (30) + 1+9+9+4 = 56

His March 30th date of birth fell on the 89th day of the year:

"Chuck" = 89 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Grand slam" = 89 (English Ordinal)

Bregman’s Grand Slam made the game 8-1, which is between 80 and 82.

Umpire and Chuck Meriwether both = 82 and 80 in the base ciphers

Bregman was born on 3/30, and we know how 33 is tied into ritual human sacrifice

"Bregman" = 33 (Full Reduction)

"Thirty-three" = 895 (Jewish)

Ritual human sacrifice = 895 Jewish, 211 Ordinal, 94 Reduction. Alexander David Bregman = 94 Reduction

Alexander David Bregman was a span of 211 days after his birthday:211 Days

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