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Boris Johnson Elected UK’s Next Prime Minister

Boris Johnson wins race to be Britain's next leader

Boris Johnson has been named the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson = 158 Ordinal and 314 Franc Baconis

He’ll be stepping into office tomorrow, July 24th, which is exactly 158 weeks (or 3 years, 1 week, 4 days) after Theresa May assumed the same role:

Theresa May submitted her resignation on June 7th, the 158th day of the year:

This 158 is found in the overlap between the name Boris Johnson, Freemasonry, and Secret Society

Boris Johnson = 158, 59, 67, 166, and 77

Freemasonry = 158, 59, and 67, Secret Society = 166 and 77

His full name also points directly to him being a Freemason. He’s got Ordinal gematria of 307 and a Reverse value of 503. Johnson takes office 3 months, 7 days before the Brexit deadline.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson = 307 Ordinal and 503 Reverse

503 is the 96th Prime number

Freemason = 96 Ordinal and 307 Jewish

It’s the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry with its claws in governments all over the world. The first King of Scotland and England, King James, is the namesake for the King James Version of the Bible, which is what Freemasons use as the Masonic Bible.

Boris Johnson shares a June 19th birthday with King James:

King James’ reign as the King of Scotland began when he was just 13 months old, on the date July 24th

Boris Johnson will be assuming his role as Prime Minister on July 24th of ’19
The 19th Prime number is 67
James’ reign began in 1567

Boris has primary birth numerology of 108(6) + (19) + (19) + (64) = 108

Freemasonic = 108 Ordinal and 63 Reverse Reduction

The 63 is found in the gematria of both Boris and conservative

He was born on the 171st day of a leap year:

His win was announced on July 23rd

"July twenty-third" = 171 (Reverse Ordinal)

Comically, the word puppet has two of the same numbers as Johnson

Puppet and Johnson both = 94 and 31

Johnson’s first day on the job will be 94 days into the Queen’s 94th year:93 Years, 94 Days

Boris Johnson was born exactly 940 weeks after President Donald Trump:940 Weeks, 0 Days

On the date he enters office, Johnson will be exactly 55 years, 5 weeks old:55 Years, 5 Weeks, 0 Days

This reminds me of when Donald Trump took office at the age of 70 years, 7 months, 7 days:70 Years, 7 Months, 7 Days

Boris Johnson has Jewish gematria of 1109, not dissimilar from his American counterpart, Donald

"Boris Johnson" = 1109 (Jewish)

"Donald" = 119 (Jewish)

Theresa May will have been in office for 1106 days:1106 Days

119 is a popular number for government officials, as it’s the Ordinal value of all-seeing eye, which equals 205 in Reverse:

All-seeing eye = 119 and 205

Johnson will be assuming his role beginning on the 205th day of the year:

Johnson will be overseeing the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU

"EU" = 205 (Jewish)

United Kingdom = 205 and 70 Reverse

The date he is sworn in will have Full numerology of 70(7) + (24) + (20) + (19) = 70

It will be a span of 70 days before the birthday of Theresa May, who will be relinquishing the role:70 Days

Johnson is a supporter of Brexit

"Brexit" = 33 (Full Reduction)

"England" = 33 (Reverse Reduction)

When he is inaugurated into office, it will be 3 months, 3 days after the Queen’s birthday:3 Months, 3 Days

The 33rd Prime number is 137

"Prime Minister Boris Johnson" = 137 (Full Reduction)

Johnson will be tasked with completing the Brexit deal by Halloween

Johnson and Halloween both = 95 Ordinal

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