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Relation Between Stories – Warship Collision & Hillary Clinton

Yesterday, I pointed out that the story about the U.S. and Russian warships nearly colliding in the Pacific Ocean was a tribute to the age of Vladimir Putin, who turned 800 months old on the same date:800 Months, 0 Days

Vladimir Putin = 69, Eight hundred = 69 & 470, Russia and Trump both = 470

Eight hundred months sums to 85, the exact number of months Putin had been in office:85 Months, 0 Days

"Eight hundred months" = 85 (Reverse Reduction)

The US-Russia incident happened in the Pacific Ocean

"Pacific Ocean" = 85 (English Ordinal)

So isn’t it interesting that on this same date, the brother of Hillary Clinton died?

"Hillary Clinton" = 800 (Jewish)

"Hillary" = 85 (English Ordinal)

As of today, the date she announced her brother’s death, she’s a span of 226 days after her birthday:226 Days

226 is the Extended value of the word sacrifice, which Hillary Clinton has some overlap with:

Hillary Clinton = 73 & 206, Sacrifice = 73, 206, and 226

Notice the 73 in Reduction. Her husband Bill was 73 days before his birthday:73 Days

When Hillary made the announcement, she was exactly 3737 weeks old:3737 Weeks, 0 Days

As for the 206, June 8th leaves 206 days in the year, and this year, the date’s Life Lesson number is 26

(6) + (8) + 2+0+1+9 = 26

The death of Tony Rodham was very much related to this year’s total solar eclipse, as detailed in my original post. On the date of his death, Hillary was a span of 142 days before her birthday:142 Days

"Eclipse sacrifice" = 142 (English Ordinal)

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