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Watch Date – April 9th

April 9th is the 99th day of the year:

"Mathematics of the circle" = 99 (Full Reduction)

April 9th is written 4/9
The 49th Prime number is 227

227 is connected to the circle

(Alt+227) = π (Pi) = 3.14
22÷7 = 3.14"Twenty-two divided by seven" = 314 (English Ordinal)

Whether you write the year as two thousand nineteen or twenty nineteen, it doesn’t matter. This year, it’s the only date to have 314 gematria in either Ordinal or Reverse.

"April ninth twenty nineteen" = 314 (English Ordinal)

The word Pi sums to 25

"Pi" = 25 (English Ordinal)

This year, April 9th will have a Life Lesson number of 254 + 9 + 2+0+1+9 = 25

…Standard numerology of 32(4) + (9) + (19) = 32

"Circle" = 32 (Full Reduction)

…and Full numerology of 52(4) + (9) + (20) + (19) = 52

"The circle" = 52 (Reverse Full Reduction)

There’s more.

The date written 3/14 is the 73rd day of the year:Day of Year: (Mar-14)

"Number" = 73 (English Ordinal)"Perfect" = 73 (English Ordinal)

The 73rd Prime number is 367

"April ninth" = 367 (Jewish)

"Ninth of April, twenty nineteen" = 367 (Reverse Ordinal)

Let’s Keep Going

We know how 1331 is the ultimate solar eclipse number.

"One thousand three hundred thirty-one" = 1919 (Jewish)

April 9th will be 19 months, 19 days after the most recent total solar eclipse:19 Months, 19 Days

It’s also exactly 33 weeks after the first anniversary of that same eclipse."Eclipse" = 33 (Full Reduction)"Circles" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Measuring to the next total solar eclipse, we find it’s 2 months, 23 days:2 Months, 23 Days

There are 223 months in the Saros eclipse cycle.

"הירח (The Moon)" = 223 (Hebrew Gematria)

April 9th is also a span of 2 years, 2 months, 3 weeks after Trump, who was born on the same date as a lunar eclipse, took office:2 Years, 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 0 Days

Donald, America, and Circle all sum to 50 in the alphabetic order:

"Donald" = 50 (English Ordinal)"America" = 50 (English Ordinal) "Circle" = 50 (English Ordinal)

Everyone seems to be predicting some sort of disaster for August 11th. That’s the 223rd day of the year. I’m not predicting anything in particular for either date, but I’m thinking when those dates do arrive, I’ll be able to point to this post to explain what happened.

There’s one more significant total solar eclipse coming up – that’s the one in 2024, and it occurs on the 99th day of a leap year, much like how April 9th is the 99th day in non-leap years. If we measure to that eclipse, we get another interesting number, considering how it’s being called the second Great American eclipse.261 Weeks, 0 Days

"The United States of America" = 261 (English Ordinal)

Food for thought:

"National Aeronautics and Space Administration" = 261 (Reverse Full Reduction)

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