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BBC Lists First 100 Murder Victims in UK

Killed in 2019: The UK's first 100 victims

100 victims on March eighth?

"March eighth" = 100 (English Ordinal)

"International Women's Day" = 100 (Full Reduction)

Hundred sums to 38, like today’s date, 3/8

"Hundred" = 38 (Full Reduction)

"Death" = 38 (English Ordinal)

Almost half of the deaths were from stabbing

Hundred, Stabbing, and Killing all = 74 & 38. "London" = 74

The agenda is clear. #1 – Make people afraid. In the United States, we are supposed to be afraid of guns. Since guns are banned in the United Kingdom, they are made to be afraid of knife attacks.

#1 is intended to get the public to support #2 – Remove as many weapons as possible from people “dangerous” to the elite. Those who support gun control in the U.S. need to take a close look at the propaganda in the UK and see where this is all headed.

Of course, there will be a “mental health” aspect to this as well. The government will tell the public they have a way of identifying potential threats and will seek support of proactive policing. Once this system is in place, they will identify political dissidents as dangerous, regardless of whether or not they have any history of violence.

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