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First Female Commentating Team to Announce TNF This Week

"Change in the league" = 314 (Reverse Ordinal)

3.14 are the first three digits of pi, which helps solve the mathematics of the circle

"Mathematics of the circle" = 666 (Jewish)"First female duo to call NFL games" = 999 (Jewish)

Their first game on the air will be September 27th, written internationally as 27/9

"First female duo to call NFL games" = 279 (Jewish Ordinal)

September 27th is the formation date of the Society of Jesus. Their emblem is a circle:

"Society of Jesus" = 56 (Full Reduction)

The date of the game will have numerology of 569 + 2+7 + (20) + (18) = 56

"Storm-Kremer" = 56 (Full Reduction)

"Storm-Kremer" = 560 (Jewish)

The abbreviation for Thursday Night Football, TNF, sums to 256. Announcer Hannah Storm will be exactly 20560 days old:20560 Days

"TNF" = 256 (English Extended)

This means she is 56 years old. The 56th Prime number is 263

"Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer" = 263 (English Ordinal)

It will be the 270th day of the year

"Hannah Storm & Andrea Kremer" = 270 (ALW Kabbalah)

"For the Greater Glory of God" = 270 (English Ordinal)
The Jesuit Order’s motto

The 270th Prime number is 1733

"Society of Jesus" = 1733 (Trigonal)

Hannah Storm, Andrea Kremer Will Be 1st Female Duo to Call NFL Games

It may sound sexist, but I wouldn’t exactly call my Blog the most politically-correct out there. Football has already been pussified to extremes this season, with players being penalized for nothing more than simply sacking the quarterback. As if that hasn’t been enough, now they’re putting not one, but two female commentators in the booth for an NFL game.

I’m not totally opposed to female commentators – I always thought Beth Mowins did a pretty decent job for college football games. If the announcer is good, they’re good, no matter the gender. But she was always supported by a color commentator who had experience playing the game and was able to fill any gaps Mowins left.

Having two women in the booth just seems silly. The NFL is doing all they can to remove testosterone from the game, it seems. It’s pushing the same agenda as all the other Judeo-Masonic organizations attempting to run this society into the ground.

So let’s check out the gematria of the headline. Notice how they use “1st” instead of “First”.

"Hannah Storm, Andrea Kremer Will Be 1st Female Duo to Call NFL Games" = 254 (Single Reduction)

The 254th day of the year is September 11th:

When spelled out, September the eleventh sums to 227 and 1433, the 227th Prime number

"September the eleventh" = 227 (English Ordinal)"September the eleventh" = 1433 (English Extended)

"Hannah Storm, Andrea Kremer Will Be 1st Female Duo to Call NFL Games" = 227 (Full Reduction)

As detailed in my recent video on the September 11th attacks, that ritual was related to the destruction of the divine masculine and feminine. September 11th is written here as 9/11

"Divine feminine" = 911 (Jewish)

Internationally, the date is written 11/9, like the gematria of the two announcers:

"Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer" = 119 (Full Reduction)

In the Reverse order, their names sum to 151

"Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer" = 151 (Reverse Full Reduction)

151 is the 36th Prime number, just like the gematria of the headline in the same method:

"Hannah Storm, Andrea Kremer Will Be 1st Female Duo to Call NFL Games" = 306 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The game will be played on a date with numerology of 299 + 2+7 + 2+0+1+8 = 29

"Football" = 29 (Full Reduction)

"Hannah Storm, Andrea Kremer Will Be 1st Female Duo to Call NFL Games" = 2900 (English Extended)

The date will also have 74 and 54 numerologies:(9) + (27) + (20) + (18) = 74(9) + (27) + (18) = 54

"Storm-Kremer" = 740 (English Extended)"Storm-Kremer" = 540 (Satanic)

The word Female sums to 67

"Female" = 67 (Jewish)

"Female announcers" = 67 (Full Reduction)

67 is the 19th Prime number. The Jesuit Order is turning 478 years old.
4+7+8 = 19
"Hannah Storm & Andrea Kremer" = 109 (Full Reduction)"Hannah Storm & Andrea Kremer" = 1009 (English Extended)

These female announcers will be calling the Vikings-Rams game on Thursday Night Football

"Female announcers" = 166 (English Ordinal)

"Vikings-Rams" = 1066 (Jewish)

"Female announcers" = 266 (Reverse Ordinal)"Thursday Night Football" = 2066 (English Extended)

There are exactly 3 years, 108 days between the birthdays of Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm:3 Years, 108 Days

"Female announce team" = 318 (Reverse Ordinal)

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